Black and Gold

Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou FrouTop: Yesstyle

Skirt: DIY from THIS fabric

Shoes: Shoebuy

Necklace: Evans

I’ve been eying up this glamorous gold-foil printed fabric ever since I stumbled across it on one of my Etsy-seach rabbit-holes (search term: “Confetti”). I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it, so in the end I bought two full yards with the thought that it would probably be enough for me to decide at a later date.

When it arrived the scattered dots were a lot smaller than I’d envisaged, and weren’t as randomly placed. It wasn’t going to suit a dress or a circle skirt where the repeating pattern would be dramatically obvious, so I decided just to whip up one of my easy DIY’d pleated skirts.

The fabric’s a breezy cotton which I think is going to be lovely to wear in the summer, and I think the skirt will look ace with the strappy singlet that I bought last year from City Chic. The gold dots are foiled with a matte metallic finish, and they have a pretty sheen in real life.

The skirt’s fairly basic, and I think I’ll probably end up hemming it a bit shorter come the warmer months – it’s not a total success at the midi-length.

I am liking it teamed with black and gold tee that I got from Yesstyle – there’s something really decadent about pattern matching with metallics, don’t you think?

The ensemble beautifully suits the pendant necklace that I bought from Evans at the same time as I bought the cowl neck dress that I reviewed last week (because I had to rationalise that International shipping, dontchaknow?)

It’s on sale right now for a meagre three pounds, and I don’t mind telling you I’ve been wearing the beejeezus out of it since it arrived.

Frocks and Frou FrouNecklace: Evans

16 thoughts on “Black and Gold

      1. Add me to the list of people who thought you were wearing a lack crop-top over a dress.

  1. Gorgeous! Looks just like a dress. Your pattern-matching is great, I love the idea of doing it with metallics and am gonna give this a go!

  2. The whole look is fab, but the skirt! wow. i REALLY need to learn how to sew. this opens up so many opportunities……

    as always, a winning look for you Lilly!

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