Frocks and Frou Frou - Moomintroll Top & Mustard Skirt Frocks and Frou Frou - Moomintroll Top & Mustard Skirt Frocks and Frou Frou - Moomintroll Top & Mustard Skirt

Moomintroll Tee: Uniqlo

Skirt: Modcloth

Cardigan: Gorman

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Getting PLENTY of wear out of this mustard yellow skirt, and honestly I’m a heartbeat away from buying it in half a dozen other colours. The mustard yellow plays well with so much in my wardrobe, and the style dresses up and down easily.

I’ve worn it today with a novelty t-shirt featuring the Snorkmaiden from the fabulous Swedish kids book series “Moomintrolls”. Uniqlo does these regular collaborations with artists, brands, or designers – one of my favourite loose-fit tees was from a Uniqlo collaboration with Karen Walker last year – but I’ve learned that they come and go VERY QUICKLY, so you need to jump on them as soon as you see them in-store.

What with my love of kids books I was pretty chuffed to find Moomintroll clothing in adults sizes.  They’re clearly having a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and I’ve spotted the books and merchandise in some of my favourite independent bookstores (especially The Little Bookroom who seem to have been single-handedly championing their return for the past five years).

Like my long-gone Grug t-shirt the Snorkmaiden is a sneaky little nod to Those In The Know who grew up with the quirky inhabitants of the Moominvalley.

Did you ever read the Moomin series?

Out Of This World


You’re Out Of This World Dress: Modcloth

Shoes: Seychelles via DSW

I’ve posted about my love of space and galaxy prints before, so really you shouldn’t be too surprised to see this killer Modcloth dress make its way into my wardrobe. With it’s flexible elastic waist and deep pockets it’s a great casual and comfortable style in a really eye-catching print.

The dress was originally styled with white piping along the bodice seams and hem, but I wasn’t sure about the effect. I’ve got quite narrow shoulders to go with my rack of doom and the piping played havoc with my proportions.


It looks fine in photos but I wasn’t sold on it in person and as a result the dress had been languishing in my wardrobe being unworn and unloved. Eventually I took a chance and I went at the piping with a seam-ripper. It was easy enough to unpick the piping from bodice and hem, and while the effect is less striking than the original dress I think it’s more versatile.


Without the white trim the galaxy print can really sing, and the rainbow hues of the planets and stars mean that you can team the dress with a wide variety of accessories.


I wore it with my favourite mustard heels and yellow Dinosaur Designs bangle, but added the gorgeous starry necklace that I bought from Friedasophie on Etsy.


It’s the hardest thing in the world to photograph, but as you can see when the light catches it the stone sparkles like the night sky.