The Homestretch

With just over a week until my official due date, I’ve definitely hit the homestretch on this weird and wonderful experience of being pregnant. The reality of what’s coming still hasn’t quite sunk in, so apparently it’s just going to feel like a crazy fever dream from start to finish. I’ve been lucky though. Against all odds, it’s been a relatively uncomplicated and easy pregnancy, though I’ve definitely reached the “oh, I’m uncomfortable” stage by now.

I’ve been on maternity leave for a bit over a fortnight now, which is like the weirdest, laziest holiday you can imagine. I’ve been reading, sleeping, catching up with friends, and just generally mooching about pretending like nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Things I haven’t done include: pack my hospital bag (it’s all ready to go… I just have some weird kind of mental block about putting it all in a bag), write a birth plan (“have a baby” apparently isn’t detailed enough), cook a bunch of meals for freezing (that would require going out to the supermarket, and I just can’t build up the motivation), or sort out the situation with my embarrassingly overstuffed wardrobe (just, no).

As far as the wardrobe thing goes, I’ve been rather adding to it rather than culling it down, though my priorities have changed from whatever-fits-the-bump to whatever-I-can-get-my-boobs-out-of-without-stripping. Breastfeeding singlets mostly, but thanks to Woolovers I’ve also managed to add this gorgeous new blush wrap cardigan in a trans-seasonal cotton-silk blend.

Woolovers has always been a great resource for basics – especially if you were looking for a specific colour in knitwear – but recently they’ve become more and more fashion forward, and now you’re starting to find the kind of trendy styles in knits that you used to be able to find at Boden, and nowhere else. Add a luxe cashmere line, a local Australian warehouse, a size range that goes up to XXL (a size 26), and if you haven’t tried them before maybe this is the winter to give them a whirl.

Along with this lovely wrap cardigan (which I’ve worn pretty much every day since it arrived) I also received this cute striped sweater which boasts a fun intarsia heart print.

It looks just a little bit awkward with a nine-month pregnant belly underneath (though I’m starting to think Good American has imbued their jeans with some kind of uncanny magic that disappears bumps) but I love it, and I’m impatient so I’m wearing it right now.

Love to everyone who has left comments on my last posts – I read all of them, and even if I’ve been lax at replying to them lately they always brighten my day. What an extraordinary, strong, supportive group of people you are. Thank you so much for supporting me and my journey.

16 thoughts on “The Homestretch

  1. Congratulations on the home stretch!

    As for the rest- enjoy the break as much as you can. Sure, think about what you want for your birth, but be prepared for it to go out the window. My birth plan was basically “get drugs for pain, have baby.” Worked both times. And even if you don’t have freezer meals or a packed hospital bag, baby comes either way. It will be fine.

  2. As always, you looks gorgeous! Enjoy every that is coming – as best you can, anyway ??

    My birth plan both times was “Do the best I can, both survive, have healthy baby”. It worked well for me: I tried to negotiate for an epidural while pushing during both labours.

    For the record: pushing is too late to get an epidural. If I ever have a third I’ll be asking much earlier ?

    1. Yes pleading for half an hour off during the business end of labour doesn’t work. All the best to you, you beautiful woman, and your family. Will be thinking of you – and the little girl I once knew ?

  3. You look wonderful! I’m feeding my littlest in John Lewis as I type. Birth plans are overrated 😉 – I had 2 early birds and hadn’t finished (started) mine either time. As far as I’m concerned, drugs = wonderful things, safe delivery for us both and skin-to-skin in golden hour.

    In terms of feeding friendly, my only advice would be, one up, one down gets super hot. I’m looking at the B shirt as an alternative and have a couple of tops and dresses from JoJo Manama Bebe.

    Safe delivery and enjoy those early days with your little bundle. Now, I’m off to investigate that cardi!

  4. I wish I’d looked like this at nine months! And as others have said “have a baby” was definitely detailed enough for me. After all, that’s the bit you’re definitely going to do – the rest was different each time.
    Best of luck.

  5. Oh, how lovely to get such a delightful, detailed update on top of the Instagram post earlier. I loved the picture, but must confess that I was thinking, “what about the bump?!”, when I saw it. Especially as I can now confirm that this cardigan is ridiculously flattering as maternity wear. You look wonderful! And your hair is so beautiful. The longer length really suits you.

    I didn’t have a birth plan for either of my births, but if I was pregnant again I think I would try to write one, because one thing I have learned for sure is that labour is not the time to make decisions. Maybe discuss in detail with your fiancé how you feel about the different questions that could come up (water birth, pain management etc.), so he could speak for you if necessary?

    Rooting for you from the other side of the world! All very best wishes!

  6. Glad you have had some mooching time. Hope the birth goes well and we’ll all be here whenever you get the chance to post a quick note. Even if that’s when the kiddo is 7. Best luck!

  7. You still look gorgeous and chic as always! Enjoy your relaxation time while you can. You really don’t appreciate it until you have kids.
    I know you receive heaps of advice when you’re pregnant, so if you read this and think pfft whatevs, I totally understand! I was induced with baby #1 and was unprepared. For baby #2 I wanted to be more prepared. I highly recommend Juju Sundin’s birth skills book. It has so many hints and tips for handling labour. I sped read it before #2 and it was invaluable and allowed me to have a more empowered experience! Good luck!

  8. I am so so happy for you! Birth plans are hilarious – I had rather a detailed one that went right out the door when things started :-). You look gorgeous and happy. Can’t wait to hear updates! xx

  9. You look gorgeous and glowing. Enjoy the mooching whilst you can! The only thing that matters is that you and your little one come home safe and well – most everything else will fall into place.
    We’ll just wait here, wishing you well, loving your style and willing you on, and will patiently wait for news when you’re ready. Good luck and best wishes to you and your fiance.

  10. You look radiant! It simply makes me happy to ‘visit’ you and catch up on how you and baby are doing.
    I am a 70 year old granny, but my best memories are of giving birth and spending those precious moments with my newborns.
    Some good advice: You are already a wonderful mama – let go of any epectations of perfection (it doesn’t exist) ! I wish I hadn’t spent all that time worrying and second-guessing. :/
    This baby will be loved immeasurably! Be ever so kind and loving to yourself.
    Blessings, Peggy (no need to answer – be still 🙂 )

  11. When I was pregnant with my first baby I said to my obstetrician “Do I have to write a birth plan?”

    She said “Please don’t”


    Stuff the birth plan. Don’t worry about the meals. You don’t have time to heat them half the time in the crazy early days. Let other people bring you food and cook for you. Stock up on muesli bars is my very very bad advice! Good luck for a safe and straightforward delivery xxx

  12. Thanks for popping in with an update! I’ve been thinking about you. Bagels. Put pre-cut bagels in your freezer. You can toast them frozen and eat them with one hand! I rented a TENS machine and loved it during early labour. Is it an option in Australia? If nothing else, it was a great distraction. Try to rest as much as you can. Any time now you’ll need all your energy. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read. All the best to you, Mister and Little Mister. You’ve got this!

  13. Congratulations on your maternity.

    While you know chidren change your life, from all the comments parents offer, you are never ready, and yet you are.

    Stephen graduated a couple of weeks ago from his Batchelor of Arts for High Acheivers (BAHA) with some enormous GPA and is going back to Windsor (England), with Imogen, so she can do the last couple of years of her degree.

    I’ve just spent a week in Sydney after my first funeral of someone younger, who I’ve known and enjoyed (sometimes for perverse reasons) for 50 years or so.

    Keep well,

    PS when Stephen was born, there was a fashion for natural births and a discouragement of epidurals, with a preference for NOx and Pethadine (which were useless and incapacitating, respectively)

    After the woman in the next room screamed a bit (a lot, actually), her anaethetist who arrived to late in the proceeding to be effective, offered his services to the other ladies in the birthing suite.

    As an injection point in the spine that enables a local anaesthetic to be used, Diana had a brilliant result and the other woman was in bed with a bad bad headache. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want it, get in early, it won’t restrict your movement…

    As an elderly primigravida (Derek’s description) she did very well, was then able to focus on making those banding muscles do their thing and missed a caesarean by about 30 minutes.

    Love to you both and your new life.

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