Belt Up

Dress: Eliza Parker

Cardigan: Gap (remixed)

Belt: Forever New

Tights: mesop

Shoes: Milu

Necklace: Mi Lado Creativo

It’s been particularly cold and wet in Melbourne this past week – not an ideal time for our hot water system to go on the fritz, but there you go.

Because our hot water system also runs our hydronic heating it’s been very very chilly in the evenings, so I’ve been wearing a lot of warm layers.

This Eliza Parker dress – The Sofia –  is a great one for snuggling in. The fabric is a soft mohair jersey, and the style is ridiculously flattering with a wide ruched waistband and gathered scoop neck.

Because of the frigid weather I had to add tights and a wooly cardigan, then belted the cardigan, so as not to lose the lovely narrowed waist of the dress.

I’m not usually great with the whole belted cardigan thing (it’s the boobs, I think) and I definitely prefer this dress unadulterated, but with the addition of a felted bead necklace it works OK. And it’s warm, comfortable, and good for curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea, and that’s definitely the most important thing.

May(de): Token

Top: Gap

Dress: Nina Kay

Tights: Ambra

Shoes: Wittner

I’m indebted to my friend Adele for convincing me that even though this polkadot shirt was labeled “denim” I should still buy it. I’ve been wearing it regularly ever since then, as the slightly heavier fabric is a bit warmer than my other blouses, and surprisingly resilient to crushing. I’ve even worn it with jeans… which I guess is “double denim” a wardrobe statement I swore I’d never do. Oh well, it’s not the first time I’ve had to eat my words.

My May(de) item today (unless you consider Nina Kay an indie designer… I’m not sure I would) is a very tokenistic brooch from Etsy shop Smil

It’s seen better days (and has gone through the wash more than once, oops!) but I still love it to absolute death. I bought it in 2007 for $16, and I definitely think I’ve got my money’s worth.

Tragically, they don’t make it anymore (at least in felt) but they have a fancy schmancy enamel version for a little under $20, and I must say: I’m preeeetty tempted. It’s considerably smaller, and only in blonde, otherwise I’d already own it.