Me Made May: Day 8

You know how people say you’re either a cat person or a dog person? Well, despite my adored and adorable Suki, I like to think I’m an equal opportunity fur-friend.

My wardrobe would probably suggest otherwise, as I’ve got a number of cat-related items on regular rotation, including this York top from Seamwork that I made many, many years ago, and continue to wear to this day.

From distant memory I bought the fabric from Etsy – it’s a silky viscose that doesn’t crush abominably, and the cat print is juuuuust discreet enough to not shriek Crazy Cat Lady (while declaring my whiskered allegiance very clearly)

I’m wearing it today with blue jeans and a soft blazer from Uniqlo.

Me Made May: Day 7

Dress: Style Arc Olivia dress, made with Spoonflower fabric
Cardigan: Sussan

I missed day six, due to being laid up in bed with some gnarly combination of gastro, a migraine, and a head cold, but I’ve bounced back (sort of) today, with the Style Arc Olivia dress.

This simple elastic waist dress is a great beginners pattern and apparently can be made in a knit or a woven. Here I’ve made it in a wattle-print “modern jersey” from Spoonflower (designed by Lolah studio).

I really enjoyed making this dress, and not just because it’s one of those one-day makes (a toddler nap, plus some extra in the evening).

I squeezed it out of two yards of fabric, and I think I’ll make another before the month is up. I particularly want to have another try with shortening the bodice, because it’s definitely a bit baggier around the waist than I’d prefer.

I have just over two metres of a great black knit fabric that I bought from Drapers Fabrics in Fitzroy, ostensibly for a pair of trousers but more realistically probably destined for a frock