Me Made May: Day 2

Dress: self-drafted / fabric from Spotlight

This dress came about from my perpetual hunt for the Perfect Brunswick Hipster Farmer’s Market dress, and is a mash-up of the Seamwork York (bodice), the Demeter dress (skirt and neckline), and the Fen dress (pockets).

I bought the fabric online, sight unseen, thinking it was a warm caramelly toffee, and instead it turned out to be the uninspiring colour of an Macdonald’s latte. It’s fine (in fact the first time I wore it two complete strangers told me what a nice dress it was) but I rarely reach for it: Partly because of the whole McDonald’s-latte thing, but also because all it takes is one swipe of a small snotty nose on the shoulder for it to become unwearable. Every stain seems to bloom and magnify on this fabric.

One thing I WAS unreservedly happy with was the addition of the Fen pockets to the Demeter skirt. The pockets on the Demeter continue to be a bulky, badly positioned mess no matter how many times I make the pattern, and I think I’ll just sub them out entirely next time I make it.

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