In the Shades

DSCF1609_2DSCF1611DSCF1612_2Blouse: Princess Highway (remixed)

Cardigan: Eugenie Cashmere

Skirt: Vintage via Bombshell Vintage

Shoes: Chie Mihara

I know, I know. Sunglasses inside. It automatically makes you look like a try-hard. But, look, it’s been two weeks and I still have a black eye. Nowhere near the shiner it was last week, but enough to draw attention and comments wherever I go.

I’ve been walking with my head down, making sure not to make eye contact with people on the street. I haven’t spotted my reflection in a window for days. I barely recognise my face with the black eye. And, oh my God, I’m so sick of having to explain to people how I got it fainting onto a cement floor. And no I wasn’t drunk. Or pregnant.

Good news is, I’ve had a full and thorough check-up, and it looks like it was Just One Of Those Things. Maybe a little bit of stress; the last few weeks have been challenging, to say the least.

But something really exciting and wonderful happened yesterday…179734_10151594761632171_782937047_nEarlier this year I was selected to be one of a new group of bloggers who will be contributing to the Guardian newspaper’s fashion pages.

I couldn’t quite believe it when they contacted me, and I’ll be honest with you; my introductory post is up and I STILL can’t quite believe it. Me. On the front page of the Guardian’s fashion pages. It just doesn’t seem real.

Thank you to all long-time my readers – I wouldn’t be here without you guys – and thank you and welcome to my new readers too! I hope you enjoy the blog. If you’re looking for some older posts to start with, here are a few of my favourites:

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Remix: Dress to Skirt

Rest assured, this new and exciting blogging opportunity doesn’t mean things will change here at F&FF. I’m going to endeavour to write original posts at the Guardian, but I will link back here when they go up, so you can check them out if you’re interested.

It’s quite cool and rainy in Melbourne at the moment, and I’m doing my usual trans-seasonal thing of realising that I’ve “retired” the bulk of last year’s winter wardrobe and everything I own is too thin/short/summery for the chilly days. Coupled with the fact that I want comfort, and really I can’t go past my navy blue cashmere cardigan (sewn up the front like my favourite remixed blouse so that it’s more of a sweater). It’s warm and snuggly and soft on my skin. A cuddle in clothes form.

I’ve teamed it today with the probably-home-made skirt that I bought last year at Bombshell Vintage. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I haven’t yet made it in to their new home at the Lost and Found Market, um, twenty minutes walk from my front door.

This skirt’s a fave, but it’s pretty tight, especially around the legs (there’s no slit in the back to facilitate striding) so I usually try to reserve it for days when I know I won’t be doing a lot of walking.

Wouldn’t want to take another tumble, would we?


21 thoughts on “In the Shades

  1. yesyesyes!!! you deserve the front page more than anyone! you rock, girl! 🙂
    and of course this bruise looks awful, but hey! it will disappear eventually, right?
    you are gorgeous anyway!
    huuuuuuuuge HUG!

  2. Love your article in The Guardian, Lilli! And congratulations from one of your long-times readers 🙂
    And fab outfit as usual. Hope your bruise is healed soon – it must have been a painful (& a little scary) experience.

  3. I’m not sure I have commented on your blog before since I’m a relatively new follower, but I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration and I’m so happy for all of the attention you’re getting! Yay! 🙂

  4. Love the skirt, and more importantly, am so pleased that you are getting the recognition that you deserve. As a size 16-18 (and a darn fine looking woman at that!) I often feel left behind in the world of fashion for size 8-10. You show there is hope, and I love it even more that you are a fellow Aussie!

    Keep up the great work! T.

  5. Yikes your poor eye

    Congratulations on becoming Our Australian Correspondent to The Guardian … That rocks!!!!


  6. I can’t believe you are in the Guardian either. I course you are completely deserving and capable but how much excitement!! And big congratulations to you 🙂

    I have to apologise at this point for being a long time reader but I don’t think I have ever left a comment previously. But of course your blog is very readable and interesting to me. And I have recommended friends previously to your blog as well, especially the recent post on boots which was very informative.

  7. Oh that bruise! 🙁 It sounds like you’ve got some great things happening – just make sure you take care of yourself too!! Beautiful outfit – and the shades are rad – even if the reason for wearing them isn’t!

  8. I’m so excited for you Lilli. Fantastic news. I’ve just emailed my girlfriend in the UK so she’ll be following you too – she’s already purchased a pair of Chie Mihara shoes after I recommended them to her via you!

    Today’s outfits is spectacular – a pretty perfect representation of your personality and super flattering. And don’t ever apologise for wearing those glasses – anywhere!

  9. I have been a fan of your blog for a while but not yet commented. Hope I can offer some help in the black eye department. Go to your local health food store and pick up some arnica cream. I helps with all kinds of bruising and is good for strained muscles as well. It will help your bruise disappear quicker. Good Luck

  10. Fabulous News Lilli…. congratulations. You are an inspiration. So love your wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and your creativity in putting outfits together …. especially loving the glasses today!

  11. Definitely arnica – I’m always bumping into things and bruise really easily, so I always have the A Vogel arnica gel to hand, and it works wonders.

    Congrats on the Guardian article! Very exciting! Am looking forward to reading your articles there.

  12. hello,
    congratulation for this good news. I read you in France for a little while and I love your blog.
    thank you

  13. Congrats on the Guardian gig!

    I once gave myself a stellar black eye (by laughing really hard and smacking my head on a chair, classy!) the day before a massive fancy work party where I was hosting a table of industry big wigs. It was embarrassing to say the least.

  14. Congratulations!!! Glad to hear that your amazing blog has been recognised for bigger things 😀

  15. Congrats Lilli! I read the Guardian every day so this is great news for me 🙂 I think the core feminist values of the paper will suit your articles really well. Just don’t think anyone expects you to reply to every comment, and please ignore the trolls who inevitably appear <3

  16. Oh what have you DONE to me?? I am a self-professed shoe-a-holic…and I have found my new addiction! Chie Mihara!!! I firmly believe the best shoes are NOT AMERICAN! I like Ziera for comfort but few of their “styles” are stylish…Chie Mihara are however gorgeous!!! Please tell me they are comfortable for wider feet! I wear a 37.5 or 38 and have a wide forefoot with a slimmer heel…therefore slingbacks work better for me than pumps, or shoes with ankle straps. I am addicted to your blog already…I am 5’4″ tall, a size 16w. I have 43 cm calves, but with slim ankles like you. the only tall boots I have are Blondo brand. they fit but are slightly dowdy. I love the site you suggested The Bootmakers. I would love to try it out also. However, both of these shoe sites are outrageous for me…I will pay $100 for a pair of shoes but $300? That is just more than even I can justify. I w
    ill have to salivate and hope for the best on ebay.

  17. Yay yay yay you! Congratulations and it is so exciting!! And very very very well deserved! Enjoy!
    Ps hope that eye bruise eases soon!

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