It’s Grand to be Grande

Dress: Asos Curve

Shoes: Zu

Usually in the world of fashion, it’s the size 16+ girls looking at dresses in shops and sighing because they know it doesn’t come in their size, but this time, the shoe’s on the other foot!

Every so often Asos does a style that is an exclusive for the plus-sized “Curve” range, and this wonderful heart-print dress is one of them! Asos’s regular range did a similar dress in a insipid pale pink, but if you wanted the more peppy version in reds and navys then you had to be a size 20 or beyond. HA!

Regardless, the dress flew under my radar for MONTHS, mostly because of what I’ve dubbed the “Asos Crotch Hem” phenomenon in which the company’s designers seem to be incapable of differentiating between tops and dresses, and therefore afford both the same length hem.

When this dress showed up in the new arrivals it was yet another case of damnit-why-are-you-so-SHORT. See? Look at the picture! Look at it!

Now, I’m short, but I’m not THAT SHORT, and neither is Charlotte at Sugar and Spice, so when I saw her wearing this dress I dared to dream that maybe, maybe the Asos model was an eight-foot amazon, and maybe, maybe I might be able to wear the SAME DRESS without having to show my KNEES which I am (yes, I know, it’s ridiculous) shy about.

It even goes with my red bow belt!

Wouldn’t it be awesome, Asos, if you could add a section where customers could review the clothes, and maybe mention fit quirks like OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, THIS DRESS IS AT LEAST 12 INCHES LONGER THAN IT APPEARS IN THE PHOTO.

Now the secret’s out, I don’t imagine the dress will last much longer, so maybe snap it up now (it’s here, you know, just in case you’re interested).

AND! AND! One of my readers (sorry! Can’t remember who) mentioned that she didn’t love the high neckline. Easily fixed: Wear it backwards.

To make room for this dress (and the dozens of others that I will no doubt buy if the dreaded Asos Crotch Hem turns out to be a fallacy) and more ostensibly, to help pay for the purchase of The Great Big Wedding Dress, I’m having another eBay clear out, so if you’re interested here’s the link.

70 thoughts on “It’s Grand to be Grande

  1. I love this dress, I have long hesitated to buy it. But I love this dress because it seemed short, I am short I prefer wearing short dress.
    Before I bought the pink dress (who was also in Asos Curve range -> ), but the dress was too long and a larger for me ( my pic -> ). I sold it… I prefer the blue. This blue dress on you , it seems so long, I am surprised and I think if I had purchased it I was really disappointed, so If I expect a short dress I want to receive a short dress , ok I know that I ‘m short so I know that on me all dresses are longer but for this dress I think the difference is really big.

    BUT Glad you like it , this dress is perfect on you, if you like it is the most important !

    1. Thanks letilor! It’s almost TOO long, lol! I’ve been thinking about whether to bother hemming it, but I think that ladylike tea length is nice. What a shame that you couldn’t make it work for you – I think it looks nice, but it’s definitely not a mini skirt, is it?

    2. FYI guys, I have this dress- I am 5’10 and it falls just below my knees- the perfect length methinks!

  2. Hey Lilli,
    I feel your pain about asos lengths. One thing I’ve noticed that could be helpful (although I haven’t verified it’s accuracy) is that they list in the info for each item the model’s height, e.g., “Model’s height: 178 cm/5’10”,Size UK 20/ EU 48/ US 16 side neck to hem measures: 95cm/37.4in”.

    1. Hi Alana,
      it’s REALLY helpful when they do that, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure Asos put a different dress on the model for this pic because the dress I got is actually 112cm long in the smallest size (20), and for it to hit the model mid-thigh she’d have to be a helluva lot taller than they’ve marked her as.

  3. How tall are you? I wanted this dress but again I worried it would be too short but if you and Charlotte are showing its knee length then I’m there!

    Also — wedding dress for sale on eBay??

    1. I’m 164cm tall. Not too tall, not too short. The dress measures at 116cm, so I can’t imagine how tall you’d have to be to get it to be thigh-length like in the picture!
      And the wedding dress? I bought it off eBay because it’s a dress I’d had my eye on YEARS ago, but I’ve decided to go in another direction style-wise 😉

  4. I bought this dress too (in the “insipid” pink colour :P), & it’s also knee length on me. Charlotte is 5″4, & I’m 5″8, so the pink one is even longer. I wish they’d show the correct lengths on the site. I only ordered mine after seeing it on Charlie, & realising it wasn’t going to be waaayy too short!

    1. Oh, but Georgina you always look so GORGEOUS in pastels! Pale pink definitely makes me look insipid though. I love the shoes you’ve teamed it with though! I’m with you on the lengths thing. They do it SOMETIMES, so they’re obviously capeable of measuring hems when it suits them!
      BTW! I TOTALLY bought that Style369 dress. SO divine, thankyou for drawing my attention to it!

  5. Great dress! Wouldn’t it be lovely if they told us how tall the models are, so we can judge where the hem will sit on us?

    1. They often do, but this model’s only about five inches taller than I am (I’m 164cm, she’s 178cm) and there’s definitely not that much more skirt in the real version of the dress. I think Asos just mucked up, actually!

  6. I love this dress! It’s so odd that it’s much longer than pictures, but nonetheless, it looks smashing on you– especially backwards!

  7. It wasn’t me that mentioned the neckline, but it WAS a concern. The backwards thing looks fab on you, but would it be possible for a girl with J cups to wear it backwards? Is there enough fabric on that side?

    1. Hi KateJ, I’d say so, yes! I wear an F-cup, and I found there was easily as much room at the back as there was at the front. The front has tiny little darts, but the top’s pretty blouson-style with an elasticsed waist, so it’s pretty forgiving.

  8. OHHHHH NOOOOOO I have to admit I’ve never quite had the confidence to buy clothing on-line……..but I always love to look and dream. I’ve been eyeing off this dress forever too, but like you I didn’t like that tiny hem line. Seeing it on a real person and you looking so fab has pushed me over the line and I’ve now done it and just bought 5 dresses from Asos!! YIKES
    Thanks Lilli for what could be the start of a dangerous addiction 😉

  9. I am pretty sure that even with an extra 12 inches it is still going to be too short. According to te website the Model’s height is 178 cm and I am 173 cm so I think I will still be staying away.

    Pity really I really like it and it looks super cute on you.

    1. Hi Jayne, I’m 164cm, and it’s preeeetty long on me so you should be OK. I bought the 20 and it measures 116cm from shoulder to hem. Hope this helps!

  10. Oh It looks beautiful on you! I love it!

    I have been checking out the ASOS website for awhile but have still been too afraid to buy because I’m unsure of their sizing! I’m generally a 14 in Australian sizes, can anyone help me out with what that would convert to?

    1. Hi Emily!
      I wear a size 18-20 in AUS and have bought MANY items from ASOS in th last 12 months. I love them.
      I measured myself against their sizing chart and it’s the perfect measurements to make sure you get the right size.

      Although personally I make sure that I do the waist/hips for pants/skirt and bust/waist for tops/dresses because I’m smaller down below.

      I wear a 20 pants and a 22 tops on ASOS.

      Uk sizes are generally 1 size up on AUS.

      Hope this helps. Happy shopping!

    2. Hi Emily,
      check out the Asos size guide, it’s pretty spot on. I usually wear a 16/18 in Australia, and I buy 18’s at Asos.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  11. Love this dress did you need to alter it to your size? I noticed on your ebay page you have dresses below size 20. I am a size 16 AUS, is this different in the UK sizing?

    1. Hi Sara,
      I usually wear a size 16/18 in Australia, and usually the 18 at Asos. I thought I’d give this a go even though it started at a size 20, and it fits fine. It could be smaller, but it has an elasticised waist so I don’t feel like I’m swimming in it.

  12. It looks beautiful on you! I nearly just ordered that dress but figured it would be way to short and I don’t need another tunic. I’m over my yearning for it now though after spending a ton at Curvy Clothing. (yay tax time).

  13. I was also put off buying it because of the Stupid Length. But now I think I might give it a go. I have terrible problems with the length of stuff from shops like A-wear too, always mid thigh, and I get bored with leggings all the time.

    1. I get nervous with short skirts – I’m well into my thirties now, and I like to think I’m too old for mid-thigh hemlines, but the truth of the matter is I’ve never really worn them.

  14. I’m so jealous Lilli!
    I have wanted to buy this dress for AGES!!!!!!! I just did a big ASOS order and now I wish I’d waited the extra day so I could see this post 🙁

    The neckline did worry me, so it’s good to know backwards will work.
    I’m not worried about the length but I do find some ASOS dresses are a bit big in the stomach area and a bit small in the breast area (despite me meticulously measuring myself up).

    Really glad you put this up I’m off to buy it now. 🙂


    1. LOL, how frustrating! I hate when that happens! This dress is similar to the white one I wore a while back – it’s got a blouson top and an elasticised waist, so it should work for a broad range of shapes and sizes.

  15. a) I love it backwards &
    b) ASOS LISTEN TO LILLI! There neeeeed to be reviews on your site! (But in the meantime, lucky there are shopping pioneers out there to try before we buy…)

  16. Oh the pain!!! I just put in a *ahem* large order and that dress went in and out of my cart. Alas I didn’t get it because of hemline issue. Sad 🙁 Oh well….best start filling another cart 😉

    And thanks 🙂 Your blog is a god sent for chicks with curves xox

  17. I’ve been a lurker for years, but I just had to stop this time and say WOW. You look fantastic, and I’m definitely going to rethink a lot of the ASOS dresses now. Thigh-skimming hems are really not my best look, so I’ve avoided many of their cute dresses in the past. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jemimah! I’m like you – I avoid Asos’s ultra-short hems like the plague. Now I’m wondering if they’re all actually longer, or if this one was just a fluke!

  18. I so want to buy this but I am only 5 foot and a half so I fear it would be way too long on me….GODDAMN IT!

  19. Such a cute dress! It looks so great on you. I’m on the prowl for something similar, so perhaps I’ll just have to give in and order internationally… decisions, decisions.

    1. Well, there’s free international shipping at Asos, so if the worst comes to the worst & you don’t like it at least the only out-of-pocket expense you’ll have is the return shipping?

  20. I love love love this dress – looks so good on you! How do you find Asos sizing though? I wouldn’t have thought you a UK20? I’m an AUS16, so always assumed asos curve would swamp me… maybe not?

    1. Hi Gembalina – I usually wear an 18 at Asos, and this dress is a little big, but because of the style (blouson top & elasticised waist) it actually works OK!

  21. You’re selling the Chitra’s Closet dress? It’s gorgeous on you. So it the bird print dress.
    I admire your ability to cull your wardrobe on a regular basis. I hold on to things for way too long – I have clothes that I wore 5 years and 10kg ago!

  22. Wow! I’m so glad I saw this! I have been hesitating to buy their dresses unless they are knee length on the models. (I have bought two… one worked out, then other did not). But in the future I will have to take this into consideration! Thanks! I love your blog!

  23. I just received a coat from Asos curve that was also a lot longer than shown in the picture. I’ve read somewhere that they make a prototype to be modelled that is altered to flatter the model, hence the shorter length… Sort of a bummer though because I like to know what I am actually going to get but being 6 foot tall to start with means I can get away with a longer dress without feeling frumpy…. That, and I can sew as well. Nothing like a bit of altering.

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