DIY Drapery

Top: Sportsgirl

Cardigan: Temt

Skirt: DIY

Tights (actually knee high stocking socks): Jonathon Aston

Shoes & Necklace: City Chic

Another DIY! I mentioned earlier last week that I’d tried the draped grey skirt from Trenery at Country Road and decided it was just the thing to team with my blush draped cardigan from Temt. However I was balking at spending $100 (discounted!) for a simple grey skirt with but a whisper ofย  wool, and my resolve was strengthened when I found a 100% merino jersey fabric at Clegs for around $35 a metre.

I bought 80cm (which was probably a bit excessive as the skirt’s longer than I need it) and a bit of stretch interlock for the waistband and made it out of the shop with all the materials I needed to make my own – better quality fabric – version of the Trenery skirt.

It was also one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve done:

Step 1: I finished the edges of the fabric with a zigzag stitch, then put it through the watch, because I didn’t want to go through the same issue that I had with my Bustle skirt which shrank distressingly after its first wash. The zigzag edge was at the suggestion of Estherosita who mentioned that it was a good fail-safe to stop unfinished fabrics from unravelling in the washing machine.

Step 2: I cut enough fabric to make a waistband – a long strip doubled over – and ironed on the stretch interfacing to give it a little stiffness. Then I sewed the two ends together to make a circle. I decided not to use a zip (because I’m lazy) but made sure I could shimmy the waistband on without needing a fastening.

Step 3: I sewed up the two short sides of the tube of fabric remaining making a long tube that was about twice the width of my body with the adjoining seam at the centre back. I decided to leave a little kick pleat at the back, but that certainly wouldn’t be necessary.

Step 4: Next I pinned and hemmed the tube at the bottom

Step 5: Here’s the fun part! I stripped off, and stepped into the tube of fabric, then I stood in front of the mirror and played with pleats until I was happy with how it was draping. Then I pinned the pleats into place.

Step 6: I basted a seam along the top of the pleats to secure them in place, and then I attached the waistband to the skirt and finished the seam to give it a nice smooth line

Finished! I wore it all day Friday and I must say it wears very well – doesn’t crush, is lovely and warm, and suits the draped style of the cardigan to a tee.

19 thoughts on “DIY Drapery

  1. what a great job! lovely instructions (and I’m glad to hear your skirt wont shrink this time)

    I really REALLY love the length of this skirt – if you had bought it the manufacturers probably would have made it shorter, but the length adds height to your overall frame, and your lovely slim ankles really pop (don’t ask me what that means, I heard it on Mad Men)

    Congrats on a great skirt!

    1. actually, the Mad Men quote was “find a way to make those darling little ankles sing” – advice to Peggy from one of the telephonists n_n

  2. Thanks so much for this! It looks great on you! I’ ll try it as soon as I finished my Marlene Pants.
    Found your blog two weeks ago and I wish I found I already before ages. You do a great job!

    xo Yasemin

  3. Lilli, these instructions accompanied by photos are just perfect for someone who knows how to sew. Alas, I’m not capable of even sewing on a button but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at the finished product. And what a gorgeous skirt it is! Wonderful job! I love how you’ve paired it with these neutrals. You look wonderful as usual!

  4. Love it! You did a wonderful job on the skirt and I owe you thanks because I’ve been looking for a tights idea for an outfit I have (now to find something similar in full length.) In my opinion, you’re the best dressed person I’ve seen floating around the blogsphere – you have amazing taste!

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