DIY: Hustle and Bustle

Skirt: DIY
Blouse: Barkins
Shoes: Schuh
I bought this fabric a few weeks ago with a particular DIY project in mind, but because I couldn’t find a pattern of what I wanted I was a bit worried that it might all go to pieces and result in tears and tantrums, so I kept it verrry verry quiet…
I think I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from a serious case of flatbutt, so items like my Portmans ruffle skirt I love because they provide a bit of extra frou-frou to draw the eye away from my ass.
Ever since seeing this bustle bum-bag on etsy I’ve become obsessed with the idea of bustles, and I started looking for modern day bustle clothing.
Fruitlessly, mostly.
It’s that usual problem that there were great items that I found, but lots of them seemed to stop about a size ten (because God knows, no-one bigger would want to accentuate any part of their body!)
Finally, I decided that I’d have to bite the bullet and try a bustle DIY.

You like? In hindsight I’d probably start the ruffles a little higher to really get that curvy effect, but I’m pretty pleased considering I winged the whole project with no tears or tantrums!

37 thoughts on “DIY: Hustle and Bustle

  1. Looks awesome and good on you for being brave enough to accentuate your bum – looks fab – well done!

  2. Hello, I just found your blog and wanted to say that you look adorable!!!! I want to rush out and wear more red. Skirt is excellent.

  3. I really enjoy looking at your blog, and the DIY stuff you've done lately all looks fantastic. But what finally inspired me to write is that while I was just looking at your most recent photos, my daughter kept pressing the button on a Happy Meal Chipmunks girl toy which kept repeating "Hello gorgeous!" (about 90 million times). Which makes the perfect backdrop to your photos. πŸ˜€

  4. Amazing! I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now (after accidentally finding it while googling for wide-calf boots) but I haven't commented before. You have a very very similar body shape to me! Although, you're probably 2-ish sizes smaller. So I've stolen a few of your ideas, muahahaha. Kudos for flying blind with the sewing – all the best things I've made have happened that way. And I know tutorials can be a pain in the neck, but maybe drop us a couple of hints on your method?

  5. Lilli, I have that exact ruffle bag in my favourites on Etsy…What a treasue, and I am loving ruffles on anything and everything…You can get them quite easily on tops it seems but never on bottoms. Hence, I am totally in awe of this wonderful skirt…Pretty Please make a tutorial so there might be a host of plus size ruffle butts around the world?? πŸ™‚

  6. So cute! I see that someone else understand what it is like to live with flat bum syndrome. I also wished I knew ways to make it look curvy instead of slightly wide pancake.

  7. What a cute skirt & wonderful job you did. So much talent!

    I love the demure look you have it that last pic. LOL

  8. I just recently started reading your blog. I just LOVE it. You're adorable, and I am totally envious of your creativity with your wardrobe. I'm hoping that reading your blog will inspire me.

    I think another way to bump up a butt when you have dress or skirt that you like and can't alter with a bustle would be to add a big bow right above where a bustle would normally start.

  9. See… its outfits like these that make me wish I knew how to sew. Red is my POWER color. And I love it… man… you make that look so good. When is your clothing line coming out again.

  10. I too have just recently found your blog. I LOVE this skirt. Thank you for showing us curvy girls just how great we can look!!

  11. I looooove it!!!!! What a great idea, I'm no tailor, but I'll definitely try to see if I can find one of these! πŸ™‚

  12. Raaaah! Am so envious of your ability to sew! I have no patience, and – it must be said – no skill either. It's something I have always wanted to try but have never had the time (nor the guts) to learn. I will have to put it on my list though – your creations inspire me! Well done Miss Lilli!

  13. I love you look. I visit your blog frequently. You inspire me to dress better. Kisses from Mexico‘‘‘‘

  14. This is amazing! I've been following your blog for months but never commented. This time I just have to tell you that you are AMAZING!!!!! I love the way you style your clothes and have fun with them!!! You inspire me every day to become braver in mizing my wardrobe! I would never have worn a striped skirt… maybe I can start to think about that! So, thanks a lot!

  15. I love it. With red stripes even. I see what you mean about the starting the ruffle higher. Maybe one. Regardless it still works and unique.

  16. That skirt looks amazing !! Not sure i could pull of the red like you can but the back looks fab, well done! xx

  17. i know that you probably don't shop at forever 21 because you seem to have a more expensive taste. however, i definitely encourage you to shop their new faith 21 line. it's ADORABLE. you can find everything online or in major cities (i.e. chicago, nyc, LA).

  18. thank you for linking to my Ruffle Bustle Bumbag. and for liking it! you made your skirt perfectly, it's subtle and the stripes are nice and bold. the photo is perfect too!

  19. Thanks so much, everyone! I love the stripes, I think they're fabulously flattering, actually, and red is definitely my favourite wardrobe colour!
    For everyone asking for a tutorial, I'll keep my eyes peeled for some more fabric & whip up another… stay tuned!

    A-C – I used a wide red elastic for the waistband – found this amazing sewing supplies shop in Greville Street, and couldn't resist!

    Hi Alicia,
    thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out πŸ™‚

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