A Change is a Good as a Holiday

Dress: Dream Diva
T-shirt: Giordano
Shoes: Wittner
Different background y’all! I’m visiting The Sophisticate in his awesome inner-city pad, and he agreed to take today’s wardrobe shot since the light was fading and I was keen to show off my outfit.
I’ve never really done the strapless-dress-over-tshirt look before, but for a while now I’ve been mooning over an adorable dress pattern from Colette Patterns so I thought I’d spend a day rocking a similar look and see how I felt.
I saw the dress made up on Kathy Vale’s Etsy Shop, then again on Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing and thought that I’d have a stab at making it myself. Could be disaster of course, but I’m holding my breath that I can muster the sewing skills necessary, because I really love the look, and it seems to be the bloggers dress of choice! Anyone on here made it? Can someone give me any advice?

13 thoughts on “A Change is a Good as a Holiday

  1. i'm not a sewing person, but i think you look really cute in that dress! the t-shirt under the strapless dress really suits you 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love the layered look you've got going on! I haven't worn that purple dress I made in ages because the fit is a little off now. I'm definitely going to make another, and I love the idea of simple black and white! The construction on this dress was easier than I anticipated, given that it has complicated things like pockets set in pleats. But it was really quite easy, especially with the excellent instructions. You might want to make a test version in muslin first to make sure you're happy with the fit. (And that will give you a practice run for sewing it too.) E-mail me if you have problems with the sewing! gertie@blogforbettersewing.com

  3. This dress is absolutely adorable… i'm not a seamtress at all… so I guess I will need to find one lol

  4. your really look stunning. the black fabric looks so nice for this kinf od dress: Drapy and smooth.
    Makes me want to try this pattern again

  5. I really like this dress, and I really like how your shoes are two tone too (say that three times fast).

  6. Very nice, You have inspired me to get out my bonds t's and match them up with my strapless dress and peeptoe shoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love this look…reminds of me Renee Russo's character in the Thomas Crowne Affair (the remake). It is a classic look.

  8. I've been eying these bustle bags on Etsy. There's a huge price differential between the one you posted and these. Just thought I'd share.


  9. Thanks everyone!

    Thankyou so much for the offer, Gertie! I'll definitely shoot you off an email once I get started!

    Awesome, middlegirl! Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. you look very nice ! I’ve been planning to make another dress from this Macaron pattern in solid colour fabric. I definitly should. Your look is very classy in black and white. with longer sleeves it would be terrific for autumn… You have inspired me to give another try to this pattern!
    Ps: regarding fitting issues, i chose the size according to the chest measurments: with colette patterns, in my case, the bodice and waist fit fine but the hips are always off (too large in my case). I guess the priority is the bodice : it’s not very difficult to enlarge or reduce the skirt. good luck!

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