Shh! It’s a Secret!

Belt: Fiorelli
Shoes: Zu
You know, I’ve only every ordered from Victoria’s Secret once, which is silly considering how much wear I’ve got out of this one blouse since I bought it way back in 2008.
I think I was a bit disappointed when it first arrived, because encompassing my f-cups it didn’t look anything like the image on the website.
But then I should probably accept that the models on the Victoria’s Secret website are Victoria’s Secret models, and I need to try to blank the fact that they’ve all got gazelle-like proportions and concentrate on what the clothes might look like with a few more curves inside them.
Because this blouse looks great. It doesn’t look like it does on Miranda Kerr, but it’s still pretty darn hot, and who’s to say that something else might not be equally successful?

14 thoughts on “Shh! It’s a Secret!

  1. After seeing this, I had to get one myself…of course I ordered a size too small (L, when I should have gotten XL), and now they are all sold out 🙁 But your right…I think it looks awesome with curves!

  2. I do the same thing. I know I don't look like the model but still secretly expect the piece to look the same way on me as it does on them. haha You look gorgeous, I love that top! 🙂

  3. I have trouble even finding shirts that won't gape across my FF cup chest. How do you do it? I really, really want some crisp white shirts of various sleeve lengths but nothing ever seems to fit correctly.Your shirts always look divine 🙂

  4. Hi J. they have them in stock in a pretty floral and a pale pink polkadot. I'm actually tempted to get another one!

    thanks, tippchic 🙂

    LOL, good to know I'm not the only one, Jen!

    Thanks Marybeth – me too 🙂

    Oooh – Anne, I do have a secret way of making them not gape… I sew them up the middle so that they don't unbutton anymore! It makes them a wriggle to get on, but them I don't have to worry about inadvertently flashing people!

  5. Thanks Lilli for the suggestion – I guess I would need a sewing machine for that; it sounds effective! By the way, I received the floral skirt and pinafore today and LOVE them!!! Yay for flippy floral skirts!

  6. I wish they had plus sizes at Victorias!

    I think you look great in that top. And I detest how all catalogs & online companies (ok, most) use thin models when showcasing clothes. At least use one of each so we can get a better idea…

  7. Would you mind telling me your bust measurement? I'm a 43 or 44" and figured the XL blouse wouldn't fit at all, but maybe I should try!

  8. You look awesome!!!! The blouse is great but I am deeply in love with the trousers, they're gorgeous!!!

  9. I see that top, remember my pattern, traced ready to sew, remember my pale blue polka dot patterned silk/cotton voile and think, "yes, must copy."

    it looks fabulous, always, as you do in it.

  10. Hi kittycatchops –
    sorry for the late reply! I've got a 43" bust measurement, and I'm wearing the XL, so you should be fine! I sew it up the front so the buttons don't gape, and just wriggle it on like a t-shirt.

  11. Just found your blog and I love it. You look fantastic in this outfit. For those who don't own sewing machines (like me) I put a pin on the inside so it doesn't gape and wiggle into it also like a tshirt but sewing would def. work better long term.

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