Dress: Pure Collection

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Chie Mihara


This is definitely the most snuggly dress in my repertoire – made of 100% cashmere it was a ridiculous indulgence from Pure Cashmere. I bought it at the end of 2008 and had mercifully blanked from my mind how much it cost though I can remember having to cross several more affordable pieces off my Lust List in order to rationalise it.

For curiosity’s sake I looked up that post from two years ago, and it turns out the dress cost me $406 which is a price that still leaves me a bit breathless. Interestingly though, looking at the items I didn’t buy made me realise that it was the right decision to splurge on a good quality dress that I’ve worn countless times since then.


14 thoughts on “Snuggles

  1. That is a gorgeous dress.
    I just dropped $500 on the Leona Edmiston Whitney dress. It is sublime. I then voluntarily handed my credit cards to my husband for safekeeping.

  2. It is a lot of money-but that was 3 years ago and youre still wearing it! Every mag talks about investment pieces etc and I love the idea but Im just not so good at it-like buying things too much! And then theres the up and down sizes etc! But this dress is gorgeous and love it with the shoes!

  3. Oh your dress is worth every cent, it’s just gorgeous, looks comfortable to wear, I love the neck line and I bet it’s ever so warm. You’ve inspired me to go winter dress shopping!

  4. Hey…
    It’s Bella (Christine and Gerry’s Daughter)

    I just found your blog while looking for blogs to subscribe to… (You are mentioned in quite a few blogs) and I thought it looked interesting…

    and then I found you… hehe

    We should catch up next week… mum’s off so we can go into the city or something 🙂

  5. I’d say if you are still wearing a dress over two years later, that’s excellent value for money! Work out how much you spent by how many times you’ve worn it and I bet it works out cheaper than you think!

    I’m on money saving mode again so need a re-think on the blog…hmmm

  6. Hi Lilli,

    Every time I see you in this Pure Collection dress I think how fab you look: v classy! I have dress envy – I’ve been looking for the perfect knit dress for years!

    I’ve made a couple of cashmere purchases from Pure Collection myself in the past couple of years and though I had to psych myself up to do so (they were on sale!) I’ve not regretted any of them. They have all been worn multiple time, washed so well and stood the test of time. I totally agree with splurging on a good investment piece.

  7. That dress was money well spent. It’s absolutely stunning! I love the rich shade of brown and it fits you wonderfully. Your shoes made me swoon. Is there any Chie Mihara shoe that isn’t breathtaking? Now that’s something I would love to spend money on if I had any! 🙂

  8. Seriously a gorgeous outfit. Makes me feel like running out for a hot chocolate. As soon as I saw the first pic, I thought ‘I MUST get a dress like that!’ Alas, $400 puts it a little out of my range! Looks like I’ll just have to admire from afar!

  9. The older I get the more I realize that it is worth it to pay for quality rather than quantity (at least sometimes). That dress is lovely on you and must feel so soft.
    I think this may be my first time commenting but I’ve been reading for a while and I love your sense of style, and always enjoy popping over to your blog for a visit.
    I’m in Montreal so I don’t feel TOO bad for you, heading into your southerly winter. After the winters we get even I, a total fall-winter hobbit-type, am looking forward to spring : )

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