The Trade-Off

Well, I caved today and bought the drape-neck cashmere dress that I’ve been hankering after from Pure Collection (

It’s exactly what I was looking for earlier this year when I went on the hunt for a sweaterdress (before I compromised, and bought the puff-sleeved black dress from Donna Morgan, which didn’t quite meet my expections, and has since been retired) : long sleeves, draped neck, and a beautiful yarn that won’t make my skin crawl. I ended up getting it in the chocolate (to go with the red boots, y’all) and with the 15% off discount that I found (SAFEB, in case anyone else wants to fall off the wagon with me) it came to 173 quid, which should be around AUD$406.
Because it’s a total, ridiculous indulgence – both something I don’t really need, AND something I’m unlikely to be able to wear for 6 months – I’ve decided to be a Good Little Girl and cross off a corresponding amount of items from my Lemming-List.
Now, it can’t be things that I sort-of, maybe wanted, but things that I was pretty much definitely going to get, as soon as I talked myself around to it. Off the list with them. Because the cashmere dress is certainly not a necessity, and if I’ve decided I must have it, then I also have to make sacrifices.
So here we go:

1 x Custom-Made Holly Dress from myblackdress @ etsy (

plus 1 x Yellow-Flowers Wallpaper Necklace from drawflowers @ etsy:

plus 1 x two-in-one dress from Garinvaplus on eBay:

plus 1 x pair of Manhattan Boots from Ayla Boots:

Now, I do so love to live vicariously, so please go ahead and indulge yourself!

11 thoughts on “The Trade-Off

  1. Ouch! Those Manhattan boots rock! Another site I ‘have’ to go check out now… lol….

    Found your blog via the Vogue forums although I doubt if my posts are ever going to show up on there.

    Anyway…. Looking forward to seeing a pic of the dress on when it arrives.

  2. oh my, oh my, oh my! those manhattan boots – i think i LOVE them. more importantly, i think i NEED them! the dress was a fair trade off for sure, it is HOT, HOT, HOT! once again, a great find by miss lillipilli!

  3. Of course, Nina! I’ve got at least three things on my wish list right now – two of the ruff necklets, and a pair of the earrings!

    Bec, Sarah et al – aren’t those boots the bomb? They were the hardest thing to take off my list. I desperately wanted some brown boots to wear over skinny jeans come winter, and I loved the buckles on these. eSperema got them in real life, and posted some pics up on Curvy Chic:
    Hot, huh?

  4. lol, it’s a phrase I picked up from one of my forums. The way I understand it, it’s when someone shares something they want, and you suddenly want it, need it, have to have it, too!

  5. i live in my Manhattan boots.
    Get more compliments on them than almost anything else I wear.

    They killed my feet the first two times I wore em, but now I can go all day before I even feel a twinge.

    (I know this post is old, but I saw my special boots and had to comment)

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