A Leg Up

dress: Neeso – bought from eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/
leggings: My Size http://www.mysize.com.au/
Thank God for leggings, eh?
This dress has been sitting in my closet – unworn – since it arrived in October.
Which might not sound like much, but I’m the kind of girl who as a child would wear her new shoes out of the shoe shop (I still do when I think I can get away with it!), so having a shiny new frock wasting away while older, frumpier outfits get worn again and again suggests there was something I wasn’t quite sure about….
It was the length, of course.
After I re-jigged the dress so that the dropped waistband was closer to my waist than my knees (seriously) the hem crept closer and closer to my no-fly zone.
You see, I’m not a big knees fan. I’m painfully aware that mine are gorgeously plump and dimpled. Like a toddlers. So as much a possible I steer away from hems that fall any further north than my kneecaps.
Hence, thank God for leggings.
When I was first on the hunt for a denim dress I had a very firm idea of what I wanted: A dark denim shirtdress, short sleeved, knee-length. Something like this:

The dress I found doesn’t really look at all like the one I’d invisioned, but now I’ve spent a day in it, I’ve decided I actually love it, it’s a great curvy shape, and wonderfully comfortable. The inclusion of leggings means that I’m not worried about flashing either my knickers or my dumpy knees, and I don’t have to worry about chafing.
Now, if you’re on the hunt for a denim dress of your own a little bird whispered to me that Jessica Svoboda of Svoboda Denim will be extending her range to include denim dresses some time soon:

Keep your eyes peeled on www.svobodastyle.com

2 thoughts on “A Leg Up

  1. hey Lilli – this looks super cute on you. I’ve never braved the whole leggings thing; really like the look but not sure I can pull it off. I am coveting this denim dress http://tiny.cc/wLkkk but of course I only saw it after my size was sold out!

  2. Love that dress Lilli. I actually emailed Jess the other day asking when those denim dresses would be available – I want one but I could also get another pair of jeans too. Also totally random – I’ve been wanting a pair of Embody Bebe jeans…did you go down a size compared to your Bella’s? Nat recommened going down a size – but i would rather them a bit loose than too tight.

    PS: Will call over the weekend – I hear we are in for crappy weather in Melb….boo hoo.


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