6 thoughts on “This one’s for you, Sarah.

  1. That outfit looks great lilli. I love the layered look and don’t you just love the fact that in Melb you can never put away your winter woolies or boots even when it’s almost summer lol!

    Ziz xxx

  2. Hey, I’m thinking about placing an order from Dorothy Perkins but I can’t remember…are UK sizes larger than here? I’m a 16/18 here so would I order an 18/20 there? I ask because you mention sometime that you were a little ambitious with yr sizing from them so it got me thinking maybe I need to ask you how they fit.
    BTW my second pair of embody jeans on their way!!

  3. Cute dress, Sarah! You’ll have to let me know what you think when it arrives!

    Ah Ziz – good old four-seasons-in-one-day Melbourne. At least I get full use of my whole wardrobe!

    Hi Christine, I’m so delighted that the Embody range is working for you! I’m probably about the same size as you (around a 16-18, depending on the store) I bought this dress in an 18, I was a bit worried when it arrived, ‘cos it felt a bit snug, but after a few wears the jersey loosens up a bit. I’d definitely size up from Aussie sizes though.

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