Remix-Me Monday: French Maid

Top: Target – remixed
Skirt: Basque Woman @ Myer
Shoes: Zensu
Forever New ( recently opened a great big store in the middle of Melbourne City, and over the weekend I headed in to have a bit of a looksee.
It’s a brand that goes up to a size 16, and I can just about squeeze into most of it. At the moment the range is ultra-pretty with eye-watering quantities of lace and frills. I love it, though I can’t pull it off (sob!)
I tried on half-a-dozen tops, and dismissed each and every one as being too frou-frou, and finally decided that I would take matters into my own hands:
Bolstered by my success with the Ikea skirt, I popped into Lincraft ( for 2-bucks worth of lace, then hauled out my trusty sewing machine, and sewed it around the collar of a target t-shirt, and voila!

It’s a little french-maid, but it’s a cheap and cheerful alternative to the confections in Forever New.

7 thoughts on “Remix-Me Monday: French Maid

  1. honestly lil – you sell yourself too short! your $2 lace and target tshirt job is a HUGE success! it looks fantastic and once again, you look AMAZING! can we just take a moment to talk about the boots again, you can’t be too hasty in marking them off the list, they are to die for!

  2. Oh that is a really good idea! I have a few black singlets that are looking quite tired, so maybe I’ll do the same thing with ruffles…

  3. Oh I love some of those things on the Forever New site. I WISH I could squeeze into them! 🙁

    I like your lacey tshirt though. Well done! 🙂

  4. Gah, I’m always buying the things to do this with and I never get around to it. Can I just pay you to do it for me? Target t-shirts are my faaaavourite. In fact, I’m wearing one right now. *checks* no, actually, I just got changed, it had cat hair all over it. I can’t blame Target for that though.

  5. Thanks, Apple Bottom. Crazy easy to do, too!

    LOL, don’t tempt me, Bec! I may have to re-think my decision come autumn. Hopefully the Aussie dollar will be in a happier place by then.

    Tessa you definitely should give it a go – I’ve done a similar thing with a daggy old black singlet, too. I’ll post some photo’s soon.

    I’m with you, Suze. The clothes are so gorgeous – what caught your eye particularly?

    mmnnn…. the cat hair remix. It adds a little glamour to every outfit, doesn’t it, Fi? I’d be happy to whip you up some frilly tees. It took me all of two minutes to do this one.

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