The Slimming Stripe

Dress: Gasby (57 Bridge Road, Richmond) – no website
Shoes: Zoe Wittner www.wittner.com.au
Now, I’m the first to admit that the number one fat-girl fashion rule (thou shalt not wear horizontal stripes for it maketh you look big) is bollocks, but I think there might just be something in the whole vertical stripes make you look slimmer thing.
I found this dress at one of those ridiculous little asian-clothing shops along Bridge Road in Melbourne. It stopped me dead when I saw it in the window, and I never dreamt that they would actually have it in a size that – albeit barely – would fit. Thank God for my little sister, who insisted I go in and check, and then again insisted that I buy it when I was vacillating over whether or not it was wearable.
It is absurdly tight, but I love it, and I’m often getting comments on it. It’s actually an ingenious style – the dress zips up first before it buttons, so even though my generous thighs and bust are straining the seams the button closure doesn’t gape. Hurrah!

7 thoughts on “The Slimming Stripe

  1. Actually that dress flatters you so much and doesn’t appear at all to be too tight. Excellent work!

    I know what it’s like to wear something and know how tight it is but I think people don’t even notice if it looks good enough.

  2. Oh, thanks Sarah & Frumpy! I bought them on impulse after spending an agonising day in ill-fitting shoes. They're a lovely soft leather.

    Amanda – I was in Gasby a month or so ago, and they still have the dress so if you're up for a little shopping trip…

    Thankyou, Christine. I always a little self conscious in dresses that feel too tight, so it's nice to hear that it looks good!

  3. Loooooove it! And how cool would it be if more dresses (and shirts, for that matter) zipped AND buttoned? The boob-area gape is the bane of my existence!

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