Whoa, Mama

Nightgown: HotMilk
After seeing the “supportive” nightgowns at http://www.bravissimo.com/ I’ve been on the hunt for sleepwear that doubles as an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, but is cute enough to mooch around the house in.
First I attempted to whip one up myself (not quite an unmitigated disaster, but still not ideal) then I did some research into Nearly Nude’s (http://www.nearlynude.com.au/) “bedtime bra”. According to the Nearly Nude website the Bedtime Bra is: “ideal to wear under your pyjamas or on its own in summer, [it] has special bust support, ultra hold straps and super comfy stomach support. It’s also perfect for maternity wear as there are no underwires and it’s divinely soft to wear to bed for extra hold”.
And it’s two sizes fit all.
Apparently the M/L should fit up to an 18DD. Hmn.
Far be it for me to spend $65 on a stretchy cami unless I’m actually sure it’ll keep the ladies hoisted, so I took a moment today to try and hunt it down in a few of the local stockists.
Of course, no-one had even heard of it, but at Nicole’s Lingerie in Malvern a fantastically helpful sales assistant loaded me up with an armful of nighties that she thought might fit the bill.
I left with a rather gorgeous chemise from the brand HotMilk. Which is – of course – maternity wear (because you’re not allowed to have big knockers unless you’ve just given, or are anticipating giving, birth). Apart from the drop-down cups it’s exactly what I’m after. Cute, comfortable, supportive and modest enough to wear on Christmas morning at the ‘rents (though I’m going to sew up the easy-access bodice before the Mother-In-Law goes into conniptions of delight over potential grandchildren).

5 thoughts on “Whoa, Mama

  1. Lilli, the bedtime bra is rubbish. I got one while I was pregnant, and it had no hope of fitting the girls, even if I wasn’t more gigantic than usual! I’m an 18DD.

    What you purchased looks great!

  2. That’s great feedback, Emma! Thankyou! Now I don’t feel nearly so guilty for buying the HotMilk nightie without putting a bit more effort into finding the bedtime bra!

  3. Apparently the M/L should fit up to an 18DD. Hmn.
    Rubbish. Nothing marked “M” should ever fit a girl with 18DDs.
    Good to see you’ve had feedback confirming this. Ridiculous. It’s like those ridiculous tags that are “one size fits all”. Rubbish. Even before I was fat, there was little hope for this.
    I like your solution though, but yeah, I’d sew up those maternity clips!

  4. Ok my latest bra size is 12G so I can certainly appreciate your nightmare…my lovely man has always ‘encouraged’ me to maybe buy some nice fluffy nighties and whatnot but I can’t explain to him that he wouldn’t want to see tiny empty cups sitting on top of my actual boobs. I wouldn’t want to break his heart with reality 😀

    So anyway I have seen those hotmilk numbers before but never thought to buy them and they may just fit the bill thanks!!

    And you look great again!

  5. lol, poor girl, Christine. My other half was a bit perturbed by the cups, but I think he figures anything’s an improvement on what I normally wear to bed (a huge, plaid shirt that my Mum wore when she was pregnant with me! It’s over three decades old, and is literally coming apart at the seams!)

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