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Fantastic! That most coveted of lucious lingerie companies, Pleasure State (http://www.pleasurestate.com/), has finally decided to cater to curvier gals with a new range called “Pleasure State VIP” which goes up to a 16G.

I saw the new range in Myer this evening, and it’s everything that I’ve ever loved about Pleasure State (gorgeous fabrics, detailing, shapes) but in a bigger size! Hurrah!

The Pleasure State Press Release says:

“Available in body sizes 32-38 and cup sizes DD to G, the Pleasure State VIP bras are not only fashionable and sophisticated but also offer all-day continuous comfort, supportive fit and just the right amount of coverage.

Juxtapose a touch of edgy-elegance, feminine tailoring and you get a youthful and playful collection imprinted with significant sensuality that celebrates the audacious charm and confidence of a woman with a voluptuous bust.

The Pleasure State VIP collection also features new innovative technology that provides ultimate comfort; an ultra thin and smooth ‘embedded’ hook and eye that won’t show under clothes and won’t be felt on the skin. Carefully tailored shoulder straps have been designed for comfort with graduated designs that are both supportive and look less cumbersome.

True to form, the creative team at Pleasure State continues to demonstrate exceptional expertise in the perfect cut and combination of fabrics and trims, an art this label is acclaimed

While offering enough coverage and support, the Pleasure State VIP balconnet bras are revealing and sexy. The thongs celebrate the woman’s sensual allure while the culotte & briefs
exude sensuous femininity. From sexy to ultra-chic, the camis perfectly cross boundaries between the bedroom and the street.

Faithful to the Pleasure State brand, Pleasure State VIP displays fabrics that are richly worked, carefully detailed and embellished with delicate lace, trimmings, embroideries and the brand’s
signature item, Swarovski crystal buckles. Scalloped lace, guipure, Chantilly lace and ladder stitching trim insert acquire the feeling of sensuality when paired with the exquisite Italian woven jacquards, light sheer mesh and stretch silk satin. An abundance of delicious shades such as scarlet, teal and orchid associated with exquisite prints, and solid classic colours of black and ecru all blend magnificently with textures and adornments.”

Here’s a sampler:

Apologies to anyone if this is “old news” – the range has apparently been available since September, and they’re planning to expand it next year, but this is the first time I’ve happenned across it, and I wanted to share!

4 thoughts on “News Flash!

  1. Lilli, were you wearing an all black outfit today? Thought I saw you, but wasn’t sure so chickened out of asking. 🙁

    I might check out the new range there, but I’m pretty much an 18DD at the moment, and all my 16s are really painful to wear! 🙁

  2. Ah never chicken out! I’d love to meet some of your face to face! That said, I was actually in a green dress today – but it’s not the first time I’ve heard that I have a doppelganger somewhere in Melbourne, I’ve been mistaken for her a few times, too!

    Give the Pleasure State bras a whirl next time you’re in Myer – I usually wear a 16/18DD in Fayreform, and the 16E fit perfectly. Plus you can always get a back extender for a few dollars at Lincraft, I’ve had to do that with a La Mystere bra I bought once.

  3. Holy crap if you just read my sleepwear comment you’ll understand why I’m trying not to leave work right now and go and max my credit card out. That is excellent!! I really like their stuff too.

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