Green Machine

Dress: Crossroads www.crossroads.com.au
Cardigan: Portmans www.portmans.com.au
Shoes: Zoe Wittner www.wittner.com.au
I realised the other day that this is the only green outfit I have in my entire wardrobe. I love the dress, but somehow green is a colour that simply passed me by!
I think it was because green was the colour of my school uniform, and after years of enforced-green-wearing I’ve subconciously decided to never, ever, ever wear it again!

What do you think? Do you still wear the colours from your old school uniform? Perhaps you were one of the students from those forward-thinking schools that didn’t have uniforms (oh, how I envied you). Let me know?

14 thoughts on “Green Machine

  1. That is another gorgeous outfit-and the colour really suits you-the girls at school musta hated you, not everyone looks good in green! hehe

    I have that problem with Navy…I read all the ladies talking about the nautical navy’s and I just can’t go there….the closest I can go is maybe a striped top-but anything that requires a navy skirt, navy pants or navy shoes is a no go zone with me….reminds me too much of my old nursing uniform! Even after 11 years of not having to wear the uniform I still can’t go there! hehehe The subconscious mind is a very funny thing (some say mine is more funny than most! :|) it’s like smells that remind you of places, both good and bad!

  2. MY school uniform was grey and brown – it’s not a colour combination that ever happens in the non-uniform world, so I am fairly safe.

  3. Hey Lilli,
    Another fantastic outfit. I hadn’t bothered looking in crossroads up to this point because I didn’t think they stocked clothes that are big enough. What do you think about their sizing? Also, what do you think about maxi dresses? I love the look but I’m not sure whether its a look anyone with bigger hips and thighs can pull off?

  4. Thanks Kellytubbie! I have to amdit though, that no-one managed to look spunky in the forest green” tracksuits that were the Duffy Primary winter-uniform mainstay! You poor thing, being kept away from navy, though! (Actually… now that I think of it, I don’t have any navy bottoms myself… had to wear them for 6 years as part of a Dymocks uniform, don’t ya know.) I definitely agree that smells trigger memories like nobody’s business. Arnott’s BBQ shaes always make me think of my uncle, for one.

    Oh, Sally! Grey and brown? What a gorgeous combination, lol! Lucky you don’t have to miss them, though. I always feel sorry for the kids who go to… is it Wesley College? With the purple? Imagine never being able to wear purple again!

    Perfect timing, Ash! I finally found a maxidress that works for me yesterday, and I’ll be posting about them this afternoon! I have decidedly big hips and thighs, and it’s taken me a while to find one that looks ok – I definitely think the key to success for curvy girls is to go with a colum shape, rather than an a-line. It should skim your curves all the way down to your ankles. But there’s definitly no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able to pull off the look. Crossroads – apparently – goes up to a size 22 in everything, but the sizing can be a bit squiffy at times. I vaccillate between a 16 to a 20 there. Its been a while since I found anything I really loved, too. This dress is a few seasons old

  5. Yes, I can’t wear teal. Well, a certain shade of it anyway, because of my high school skirt.

    Also from that period I learnt that pleats at the waist do NOTHING to flatter a big-hipped girl. So I don’t wear those either. I’m all about the a-line. 🙂

  6. Gawd those colours look awesome on you lilli – you should definitely wear them more often although I can totally relate to your school colour uniform aversion too lol! My school uniform was brown and gold and to this day I find it really, really hard to wear chocolate anything…..although eating it I don’t have a problem with funnily enough lol!

    Re the maxi dress thing – I also find that the halter styles are more flattering too. Can’t wait to see your new purchase too.

    Ciao Ziz

  7. Lilli, I think anything blue based is your colour! The dress looks amazing. I love blues & greens together. That kind of colour is what I'm thinking for my summer sewing project. The cardi is just amazing. Shame their stock would never fit me.

    I had a maroon uniform. Funny enough maroon is "one of my colours" and I sometimes buy wintery things in it (mostly shirts) but I'd never buy a maroon skirt & wear it with a white shirt. I had navy & white for my junior years. I had to wear that as a corporate uniform as well. Luckily I always loved navy and white so, as long as it's not a navy, a-line gabardine skirt, I'll be fine

  8. See, as someone with absolutely no style during my formative years I was actually quite please to have a uniform to wear which meant I only had to panic about being cool on free dress days. (Oh god, everyone’s making fun of my faux-Nike shoes again! *sobs in the corner*) Primary school was navy and marron, and in high school there was more navy and the dress was pink with red-and-blue stripes. Now that you mention it, I don’t wear a large amount of pink…

  9. I’m loving your blog. After a quick squiz around I’ve decided you look fabulous in everything. Can’t wait for new outfits now. x

  10. Oooh, teal, Suze? You must’ve had fun a few years ago, when the only colour anywhere in the shops was teal!

    Ziz, I spent two years in a brown and yellow/gold myself. It’s such a “uniform” combination, isn’t it? I’ve only just started to reclaim yellow, but I must admit brown’s never done a great deal for me (brown hair, brown eyes, etc etc) Hopefully my new brown sweater dress will help break that!

    Deb, I can’t imagine anyone being able to pull off blues and greens like you. My God, those eyes!

    Oh Fi, I can’t imagine anyone making fun of you, you groovy thing, you. (Though I do get a little giggle out of thinking of you and your children’s department sneakers). A pink uniform dress with red and blue stripes sounds particularly dreadful though.

    Chantelle, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’m having such a ball writing it (and not just because it’s the best evah excuse to buy more and more clothes! Hurrah!)

  11. Heh, I’ll confess I did actually go to Wesley, with it’s lurid purple and gold. It did put me off wearing purple once I had left school for a while, but I do wear it from time to time now.
    Some shades look really good on me so it would be a shame not to wear it.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous colour on you! Forrest/bottle green is my ‘hate’ colour, never goin’ there (she says!).

  13. Yep bottle green for primary and bottle green for high school. I envied those girls in navy uniforms, or the burgundy ones.

    I wear a little green now, but mostly in very pale shades or turquoise shades, so closer to blue than green.

    I think it will be a long time before I wear dark/bottle green again,

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