Easy Breezy

Dress: City Chic www.citychic.com.au
Shoes: Santini www.shoez.com/santini
Being somewhat short and stumpy there’s a few trends I’ve had to pass on over the years – mini-skirts, rompers, suspenders – but every so often one comes along that I know should work for me, if only I can get it right. Like maxi-dresses.

I’ve been looking for a maxi dress that didn’t make me look ridiculous for a year or so now, and I finally found it at City Chic (www.citychic.com.au). Blissfully, it’s not strapless, shirred or synthetic, just perfectly breezy and cool for those hot summer days that must be just around the corner.

It seems like a good year for maxi-dresses, there’s a fantastic range out now at Target (www.target.com.au), and also at Jacqui E (www.jacquie.com.au) .

For those willing to shell out a little extra Entitled (www.entitled.com.au) does several, including these two, which I’ve been secretly pining after ever since they made their appearance on the website.

If you can survive without a bra, this one from Dream Diva (www.dreamdiva.com.au) is pretty darn cute.

What about you? Have you found any amazing maxi dresses you’d like to share?

7 thoughts on “Easy Breezy

  1. I was only just checking out that white maxi dress on entitled this morning and loving it. I decided that it’s going to be my first purchase in 2009.

    Great minds, think alike! x

  2. Darn it, I went into CC the other day in the hopes of getting that exact dress after I saw it on their site, and didn’t find it! 🙁 Is it made of cotton? I’m not a fan of artificial fabrics in summer (or any time, in fact) If it is, I might just get it online.

    I went into the Melb city store, so if you tell me you got it there, well I’ll be mad, to say the least.

    Still, it looks lovely on you and I just spotted something I like at Entitled. http://www.entitled.com.au/plus-size-clothes/marista-vintage-maxi.html
    If only they stated what fabric! And also, I could get a pair of Luvees in the necessary size (stock seems low in XL).

  3. Oh dear, Suze. Yep, it’s 100% cotton, and yep, I got it at the Bourke St store. However, the Northland store had a medium, when I was in there on Thursday – maybe give them a buzz?
    That Marista dress is gorgeous, though. I’d say it’s cotton (from what I recall Entitled used to be pretty big on using natural fabrics) but shoot them off an email….

  4. hey Lilli,
    Once again you have made some awesome finds! I’ve given into temptation and bought the white entitled maxi dress. I’ll be posting a pic of it as soon as it comes which will be my online debut! 😛

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