Remix-Me Monday: Second Verse, Same as the First

Singlet: JayJays (www.jayjays.com.au), re-mixed with lace from Clegs (www.clegs.com.au)
Belt: Jag (www.jag.com.au)
Trousers: Entitled (www.entitled.com.au)
Shoes: Diana Ferrari (www.dianaferrari.com.au)

My first foray into remixing lace tees was such a sucess I thought I’d try it again with a rarely worn black singlet.

I quite like the effect of the lace straps, but I wonder if the frill around the neckline might be a Bit Too Much.

11 thoughts on “Remix-Me Monday: Second Verse, Same as the First

  1. Thanks girls!

    Fi, I mostly save the white pants for Good Occasions (I’m sure you can imagine what they look like after a day of carstock! Now they have to be washed and IRONED again. Curses!)

    Deb I love those look of those bow t-shirts. I’ve decide I’m quite into bows, this season.

    Tabs, I used a machine, mostly because I’m laaaazy, and doing it by hand seemed to be too much work, lol!

  2. Oooh, nice one! Great colour, plus it’s trans-seasonal… You know, if you got it now you could wear it over summer with silver sandals

  3. Wow, you look like Leslie Caron in these pictures. Just like she looked in An American in Paris with Gene Kelly. Great haircut!

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