Blouse: Victoria’s Secret

Cardigan: Table 8

Skirt: Tartanista

Stockings: Big W

Shoes: Naturalizer


Been a few days since my last post because I’ve been quite busy!

Yesterday was The Sophisticate’s birthday, and we went out to a great Melbourne restaurant (aren’t they all?) for a celebratory dinner.

The night before I joined him and Elroy as a guest speaker on the Remote Viewing podcast, so if you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like, head on over. (I’m the one that sounds nervous and weirdly British, lol!) The topic of the week was how Hollywood has influenced fashion, inspired by our recent viewing of Boardwalk Empire.

It looks like the 20’s are very in vogue on the runways at the moment, which is a bit frustrating for me: The rectangular silhouettes, and light fabrics do nothing for my shape, so instead I’m going to allow myself to be inspired by the intricate beading, and deco-style detailing instead.

Leah May – who I mentioned as a bespoke designer in the last post – mentioned on her blog recently that she’d acquired some Art Deco patterns, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with them.

I’m also wearing today an adorable brooch that my little sister bought me for Christmas. Isn’t it divine?

Brooch: LoveHate

18 thoughts on “Moonlighting

  1. I would love for you to blog your ‘going out’ outfits Lilli – would love to see what you wore for your dinner out for the Sophisticates birthday for example!

  2. Lilli,
    Can’t wait to hear your voice, at work so going to have to wait on that. The brooch is DIVINE. The fashion gods are constantly smiling on you. I love art deco, and the 20’s styles, however they styles do nothing for my womanly hips and behind. I have resorted to decorating my house in a some art deco antiques to get my fix.

  3. Oh, MY! What a lovely voice you have! 🙂 Quite a bit deeper than I imagined– very sultry! Good job you!

    And the brooch? So cute!

  4. I’m obsessed with Broadwalk Empire. The series has just finished here and I’m at a loss what to watch on a Saturday evening now.

    I love your brooch! Its so delicate and beautiful. I have lots of brooches and I really should wear them more.

  5. Brilliant blog – I was NOT expecting you to sound like that. Sort of like a deeper huskier Kylie Minogue. Very commanding.
    Love your blog.

  6. Completely love this look, very elegant. Pretty details.
    Here in England I’m packing away my cosy tights for the warm spring we’re having but
    after seeing your post I want to dig them straight out again.

  7. That brooch is adorable! I have only recently started wearing brooches so only own 4 but I am keen to build my collection. I will have to check out LoveHate!

  8. I just had a listen. You could get a backup job as a phone sex caller Rrrrrrarrrrrrr. Very seductive!
    Also so eloquent. You had such great answers and no um’s or er’s or like. If it was me……”yeah ummmmm it was a great movie. yep. awesome.”
    Beauty and brains. You go girl!
    The brooch is to die for. I love it.

  9. Ah Lilli, what a sweet brooch! I love it! I too am joining the rest of these ladies as we tip toe over to the podcast as soon as I post this comment! Brilliant pattern mixing in this outfit, by the way! You look darling!

  10. Just wanted to say I love that cardigan! I’ve been inspired by some of the fashions I’ve seen on Boardwalk Empire, it’s probably my current favorite tv show.

  11. Love the combination of awesomely cool kitl skirt, and patterned blouse with the tights and plain cardi. You look so fantastic!

  12. Your voice is so lovely!! I’m a dork, I always wanted to know what your voice/accent sounds like. Americans love Australian accents, we just can’t help it!! hahaha~

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