Classic Cranberry

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Poetic License


When The Sophisticate and I were planning for out US trip we knew it was going to be such a whirlwind event that there were going to be a lot of things that we simply wouldn’t have time to do. One of the things I definitely knew I would make the time to do was to meet Jessica Tengalia – the gorgeous girl behind Eliza Parker, and San Franciscan native – in person.

It was so lovely to meet her, and she was as delicious as I’d hoped. We had a lovely long chat over lunch over the state of plus-size fashion, the dearth of good quality printed fabrics, and the best places to shop in America.

Jessica was extraordinarily generous, and sent me home with three rather spectacular frocks, including this superlative red dress called the Geneva.

This dress is, simply put, a dream. It’s what The Sophisticate refers to as my “power colour” – a deep blue-based red that I know suits my colouring better than anything else in the world. It’s got a wide neckline that showcases my collarbones, and a dipped v-neck that flatters my bust. Like her (wonderful!) shirt dress the higher waist – elasticised for comfort – gives the illusion of longer legs, and sleeves are the perfect trans-seasonal length. The dress is fully lined, and made out of a magically uncrushable jersey (I’m serious here – I put it into one of those vacuum-sealed “Space Bags” for the trip home and it came out of the bag as perfect as it went in). It dresses up or down. And guys, guys… it has pockets.

Now, if you like it, or anything on the Eliza Parker website you should move now! She’s got a whopping 35% discount offer (with the code THANKS35) until midnight on the 29th November (US time, so we’ve got until 7am on Tuesday the 30th in Australia). It’s such a fantastic opportunity to get a piece of fantastic, classic, versatile plus-size fashion for a killer price. And you’ll be supporting one of the loveliest young women I’ve had the honour of meeting, and someone who’s a massive advocate of good quality plus-size fashion.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I’ve always been a little bit afraid of jersey in case it clings in the wrong places!! But I agree with The Sophisticate – that colour does suit you beautifully! You look fabulous (as always!).

  2. Oh…and THEN I saw your tweet about thigh society!! SUCH a good idea! You are costing me money, I know you don’t talk about this but I hope these companies treat you well, you honestly have introduced me to so many brands.

  3. What a beautiful colour on you! It’s very Joan Holloway. Like you, I adore blue reds, they suit my colouring very well, just like it suits you.

    I hope The Sophisticate got home alright!

  4. This discount code will come in handy, Lilli. Thanks! And yes, I think I’ve commented before how lovely you look in this colour. I like the term “power colour” and might have to start using it.

  5. Went to the website and saw the dress-if i didnt know the name of the dress would not have recognised it as it look really dull, boring and like it would not be a good fit in the pics on the website but looks so gorgeous on you. Just shows how things really do need to be seen on a person to get a true idea!

    1. OMG, Veroncia, you are sooo right. Now I get why Eliza Parker clothes and presentation looks so much like old Igigi. Anyway, Lilly you are such a gorgeous girl, I love anything that you wear.

  6. Lilli, you are GOD sent – so beautiful. I am though very cynical about Eliza Parker, as I did not have such a great experience with their clothes myself. I ordered their Santorini and Miami dress at full price and was very disappointed. The fabrics are just awful – especially on the Santorini dress – I wouldn’t have paid $50 for it if I saw it in person – not to say $189 and the color did not look anything as rich as it does on the site and I normally wear size 18/20 in Igigi and 2x in Kiyonna. And the Miami dress wow, all of my assets, I mean everything was just pouring out of that dress. The color was nice, but not so much the fit. And the fabrics are very similar to fabrics that Igigi and Kiyonna are using, but Eliza Parkers prices are much higher. Also the fit is MUCH better at Igigi. Seriously not worth the price.

    1. The Santorini dress fit was really poor on my hips even though I measured myself and ordered an 18/20 as I do from other companies.

      1. I had something similar happen- but the staff at Eliza Parker were really great in handling the returned item. They offered me a discount if I shopped there again. I think next time I’ll order a size down and try the 14/16 instead of the 18/20– the 18/20 dress was way too big, despite that being my regular size at Igigi and Kiyonna.

        1. Thanks Carrie, it’s been a few months already. The hips on Santorini dress fit actually too tight, but the bust fit ok, even though I am an hourglass figure. But still I feel that Eliza Parker clothes are very overpriced and not very quality and not original in design – not worth the price they are charging for them. Even the dress that beautiful Lilli is wearing looks a bit cheap to me – even though the color is gorgeous on Lilli, but look at the hem’s stitching, it looks like forever 21’s $20 dress. I have been shopping at Igigi and Kiyonna for very many years now and I feel very spoiled with the high quality that they provide. The owner is certainly a very beautiful girl, but if she is charging premium prices, I am expecting premium quality and a good fit.

    2. Hi Rebecca,

      This is Jessica from Eliza Parker. I feel terrible that you were not happy with our dresses! I would very much like to make it up to you.

      I wanted to contact you directly via email, but I was unable to find a customer in our system named Rebecca. I also was unable to find a customer who had placed an order for both the Miami and Santorini in 18/20. Would you mind emailing me at so we can best help you?

      We work really hard to make sure that our customers are completely delighted with their experience with Eliza Parker. It is very important to me to hear and understand any and all customer feedback so that we can continue to improve our products and customer service. Again, I am really sorry to hear that you did not have a great experience with our dresses and I hope to be able to make it up to you in some way.

      Thank you,

      Eliza Parker, Inc.

  7. I just received the same dress Lilli is wearing and I love it, the fit is perfect. I would disagree with Rebecca, I think the dress is really great quality and well worth the money spent (and thats coming from someone who loves to look but hates to spend money on clothes!). I will most definitely shop on Eliza Parker again.

  8. Lilli- I’m so excited to see you wearing Eliza Parker! I’ve been an Eliza Parker customer since this summer and love the consistently high quality fabrics and impeccable stitching which gives me an amazing fit. I’ve ordered several different items (cowl neck top, belted cardigan, Greenwich dress, Monaco dress and clutch bags) and always feel great when wearing Eliza Parker. Not only do i receive compliments, but I even had family members fight over my belted cardigan this Thanksgiving weekend! As a curvy girl I’ve always had a hard time finding classic clothes that fit. Eliza Parker takes care of that for me and I love how the styles are work- appropriate but also fun for dressier occasions. I just wore the Monaco dress to a wedding last month and I’m definitely planning on wearing it again for New Year’s Eve.

  9. Note to Monkey:

    Don’t fear jersey knits too much regarding the cling factor. If the style and fit are right, the fabric should lay well. I am plus, work in the garment industry and wear almost predominantly jersey knits. They are comfortable, flattering and travel very well. Even sitting in Los Angeles traffic all day! With an A-line or full skirt like this, as long as it is the correct size, it should be very flattering.


    I am familiar with the Geneva dress. It looks fantastic on you! It would have been great for everyone to see the cute lattice detail on the upper back. It is especially flattering when your hair is up in a pony tail or is styled in a short cut. It’s just such a sassy little bit. Let’s see the back!

    Thanks. Great blog.

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