Getting Shirty

Dress: Eliza Parker

Belt: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Zu

The weather’s finally warming up a bit in Melbourne (hurrah!) though of course I’m a few days away from heading back into an Autumnal USA (also hurrah!). In this little window of spring I’m taking the opportunity to wear a few of the more breezy items that have appeared in my wardrobe over the the last few months, and this is one of my faves!

The cotton shirtdress was made by Eliza Parker, and it’s the most wonderful shape. I thought I’d have to sew the front up, but Jessica’s managed to put together a fit that follows the contours of a curvier figure, but doesn’t gape at the buttons. The waistband’s elasticised at the back, nipping in at the waist, and it sits a little higher than normal which gives the effect of elongating my legs. The elbow length sleeves are perfectly flattering and fit well without being constricting at all.This shot’s been taken at the end of a long, sweaty day so I look a little crumpled, but the dress was a pleasure to wear in nearly 30 degree temperatures.

I’m wearing it above with an elasticised waist belt that really emphasises the hourglass shape of the dress, but it comes with a self belt for a more casual look:

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Schuh

Necklace: Gifted

I wore it like this to a delicious morning tea with my favourite ladies: Sally, Callie & Fiona, and the general consensus was that it was a splendid dress.




32 thoughts on “Getting Shirty

  1. I love shirt dresses but have yet to find one that I can wear done up all the way without gaping! Maybe your’s will be the one for me!

    Hope you have an amazing time in SanFran and look forward to lots of pics and outfit posts from your travels!

      1. Thanks! I am a 20. I found one similar at Torrid so am going to give it a go. I haven’t ever ordered from there before – usually their dresses are too “out there” for my conservative ways! Enjoy your trip!

  2. You ususally sew up a shirtdress? I have one that needs that done too, as the buttons pop open at the most terrible times. HOw do you do this? Do you follow the line of the button hole with a sewing machine, or do you just handsew where the buttons are? I will give this a try! GREAT dress by the way. Looks sweet.

    1. I usually sew up the seam on the inside of the button placket – hmn, not sure if that makes sense. Make sure you can wriggle it on done up first, I’ve fallen for that before!

  3. So splendid in fact that I visited the site to check out if I needed one for my very own. Ouch the shipping! But will also will have to wait till it comes back into stock. Sigh.

    1. Hey babe – If you decide you HAVE to have it, we’ve got a few contacts in the US who will onward ship. Sally too, I think, and she’s put the offer out there.

  4. This is such a beautiful versatile dress! I want it! Lilli, if you don’t mind my asking, what size are you? I’ve visited the Eliza Parker website and think the clothes are gorgeous but don’t know if the garments run true to size. Thanks!

  5. I love the dress. I am a curvy girl too and never thought i’d be able to wear a shirt dress. But seeing how great it looks on you I might just have to give it a try.

  6. I love the dress with black belt and the nude shoes 🙂 I checked online and the dress is not available in my size 🙁
    Lilli, I am just browsing through Stella Maccartney’s Target collection and what your it a hit or a miss?

    1. Hi Amna,
      I’m reserving my judgement until I get to see it in first person, but I leave for the US tomorrow, so it might not be until I get back! (Just quietly though, I like the look of the lace dress!)

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