Surania Bikini - Frocks And Frou Frou
Surania Bikini - Frocks And Frou Frou
Surania Bikini - Frocks And Frou Frou
Surania Bikini - Frocks And Frou Frou Bikini: Surania – designed by me!

There’s been a lot of hoopla in the media lately about Jessica Kane‘s wonderful Instagram post where she bares an unashamedly plus-size body in a – shock-horror – swimsuit, and refuses to accept that doing so was brave.

Bravery, she says, is “A family battling tragic illness, a mother trying to beat addiction, a person trying to break free of domestic violence, reaching out for help when you have already planned your suicide and feel like you can’t breath one more day.”

As tragic as I find it that a healthy woman wearing a bikini in public can still make the news globally I can’t help but applaud her for her words. Being a plus-sized woman in the public eye shouldn’t be an act of bravery, even though I know for a lot of us it is.

Body-shaming still seems like one of the only socially acceptable forms of harassment and discrimination in modern society. It’s often disguised in concern-trolling, hand-wringing, and won’t-someone-think-of-the-childrening and for every article with someone like Jessica telling us that daring to bare a larger-than-average body on the beach isn’t an act of bravery there’s countless trolls in the comments section reminding women that unless they’ve got bullet-proof self-esteem they’d better not follow suit.

I’m proud of the fact that for the last eight years I’ve been part of a community that has helped to promote the visibility of body diversity. We’re moving towards acceptance and I hope that one day everyone will be able to wear whatever they want to the beach without it making the news!

Anyhoo. Enough politics from me, mostly I wanted to show you my new Surania bikini!

Since I ordered my first bikini last year Surania has updated their range of designs and fabrics, and they’re also doing a range for men and kids.

Over Easter the boy and I drove up the East Coast to visit my family and while we were in warmer climes I got to try the suit out properly. I ordered the “basic” set, which comes with an underwired top that supported me beautifully through plenty of aquatic romping. As with my first pair these were beautifully made with high-quality fabric, and I didn’t have the same problem as I did last time with the fabric not matching the photo – the navy star-print was exactly what I’d envisaged. The manufacture and shipping were quick and easy, and the fit was spot on.

For more information about Surania click here to read my original review.

Two-ways Tuesdays

 frocks and frou froufrocks and frou froufrocks and frou frou Venice Dress: City Chic

Shoes: Softwalk via Shoebuy

You might not believe it, but most of my clothes are on high rotation in my wardrobe. You might only see something on the blog once or twice, but behind the scenes I’m wearing it regularly.

So much of my wardrobe is statement pieces: Bright colours, fabulous prints, and styles that speak for themselves. It can be a challenge not to repeat myself too much, but I’m conscious that not everyone has the luxury of a gigantic wardrobe and it’s nice to be able to curate a variety of outfits around a single item.

I thought I’d try a new regular section that I’m calling “Two-Ways Tuesdays” that will illustrate two ways to wear a single statement piece. It’s a challenge for myself to think a little more creatively about my wardrobe (and also to encourage me to guarantee at least one new blog post a week!)

This isn’t a great example of what I’m trying to accomplish I’m afraid, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a very cute dress.

I was wearing it during the warmer months (I bought it full price, but it’s on sale now for 50% off) and now that it’s turned cold I’ve just added nude tights (from Sonsee, naturally) and a cardigan and it’s a pretty ensemble for autumn.

frocks and frou frou frocks and frou frouCardigan: Paper Scissors

The dress comes with a patent leather red bow belt that I’ll admit was what tipped me over into buying it, but when I got it home I decided I preferred to dress it down with a brown leather belt.

frocks and frou frou - flower beltI bought this one a few years ago from a little store on Brunswick Street. It’s now a total mystery to me what the store’s name was. Oops! This one from Etsy is sort of similar though, and the seller offers custom sizing.

I’ve been fairly impressed with the quality of City Chic clothing lately. For instance, this dress is fully lined. The cut is carefully considered, the arm holes don’t gape, and while the skirt is gathered at the front of the skirt the sides are smooth, meaning you don’t end up with extra volume on the hips. There’s no pockets, but someone wonderful has suggested the inclusion of bra-keepers that allow you to wear the straps wide without flashing your bra.

bra keepers - frocks and frou frouI kept my accessories simple: tan pumps to match the belt, and the ruby red bow earrings which I bought years ago from a store on eBay – Imogen Rose Jewellery, I think!

 Frocks and frou frouSo anyway – There’s your first Two Ways Tuesday post: One dress, two outfits, and two pieces of frou-frou so old I can’t even remember where they’re from! Stay tuned for next week’s installment when hopefully I’ll have a better example of how to mix-it-up!