Cut and Paste

Top: Boden

Skirt: Doops Designs

Shoes: Comfortview

Welp, here it is. The new Wall. Possibly the Final Wall. Very definitely the Forever For Now Wall. Can you believe it?

2018 actually marks ten years of Frocks and Frou Frou, which seems just totally insane. I know some of you have been with me since the beginning – thank you so much for sticking with me through all the ups and downs. What a crazy ride, huh?

It’s been a stinker in Melbourne over the past few days. Absolutely scorching hot. And as much as I totally adore our new pad, it doesn’t have air-conditioning. My lovely Mister has managed to borrow a portable air-conditioner that we’ve had cranking all weekend, and it’s the only thing that’s kept me from melting into a disgruntled puddle of sweat.

It’s on the list of Things We’re Going To Do To The Apartment That We Now Own, Because We Can, Because We Own It. After this past weekend it’s near the top of the list. It’s probably even above saving money to get married, to be honest. It’s been pretty hot.

I’ve been sitting on this brightly-patterned “Cut Play” skirt from Doops Designs for a while now. It’s the second skirt that I’ve bought from the Independent Australian designer (the first is here), and it’s taken me a while to wear it. Unlike my Protea skirt I bought this one in the cotton fabric, rather than the silk and it’s… okay. The boxy shape is a lot less forgiving with the stiffer fabric, and though I love that the colours are more vibrant it’s just A Lot, you know? And I’m wearing less and less of this kind of bold, bright clothing these days.

The skirt used to be a few inches longer, and I just couldn’t figure out how to wear it successfully. I had some grand plans about lopping the elasticised waistband off, and using the fabric to make a top, or a less frouffy skirt, but in the end I realised that just lopping a bit of length off the hem transformed it from Too Much to Just Enough. It’s fun, and bold, and bright, and perfect for summer with a stripy t-shirt.

I hemmed it myself. Now that we’ve moved, and I have a dining table again I finally got my sewing machine back out. I’ve already made one new dress (it was semi-sucessful. I’ll write about in next week maybe) and I’m looking forward to getting back into sewing and dressmaking again.


20 thoughts on “Cut and Paste

  1. I installed air conditioning at the end of summer 2011 and it was the. Best. Thing. Ever. Could only afford to do it in one room money and time wise so I did it in the bedroom (which has no cross ventilation) as opposed to the living room (which does). Now if itโ€™s too hot I just hunker down in the bedroom!

    1. I actually bought a mustard top especially to wear it with, but the shape was all wrong when I got it home. I’m going to try Badoswife’s suggestion and team it with my cropped mustard cardi when the weather gets cooler

  2. We’d been watching all the players at the Australian Open wither in that heat. [Poor Halep being in hospital!] Hope you don’t evaporate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi! I don’t know if this is a problem only for me but just thought to ask, how do you prevent skirts riding up during the day? I always end up with the waistband just below my chest where it can’t get any higher <:D

  4. Agree, the boxy skirt (I also have one from Doops Designs) in the cotton is not very flattering but with a short cardy it works for me.

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