Me Made May Day 30: Self Drafted Skirt

Top: Tirelli
Skirt: DIY (fabric from Cloud 9)
Shoes: Ziera

Wearing my self-drafted skirt, sewn with a Cloud 9 fabrics cotton designed by Leah Duncan and paying homage to my beloved Wizard of Oz.

I wanted to show a different way to wear a full gathered skirt: playing up the volume, rather than contrasting it with a fitted top. It goes against everything I learned at Stylist School (yes, I actually did a course, just after I got made redundant and thought I might have a go at being a personal stylist) but rules are meant to be broken, right?

Besides I’ve been following a really interesting discourse on Fat Sewing Club about the use of the word “flattering” and how it’s coded to mean “slimming”, and really – you don’t have to look skinny to look good, right?

I’m very conscious that I speak from a position of privilege as a relatively small-fat, but I’m going to excise the word “flattering” from my vocabulary and think of some more creative ways to tell people they look amazing without it sounding like I’m praising them for more closely adhering to society’s ridiculous beauty standards.

Anyhoo. The top’s from Tirelli, the shoes are from Ziera, and if here’s a cute photobomb: my son doing laps with his favourite toy (a saucepan box I covered with contact, because it I couldn’t stand the sight of it any longer, but I didn’t want to break his little heart and throw it out)

Me Made May Day 29: Torrens Dress

Dress: Hacked Torrens Box Top from Muna and Broad (made with fabric from Doops Designs)
Tights: Snag
Boots: Ziera

Oh ho ho, look at me sneaking in with a new make on day 29 of Me Made May!

I bought this ‘Cowley’s Fields’ cotton-linen blend from Doops Designs at the same time as I bought the confetti-print that I used for my birthday York Top.

I got two meters with no clear idea of what I wanted to do with it, and it turned out to be juuuuuust enough to squeak out a long-sleeved Muna and Broad Torrens Box Top using the dress hack from Jess at Broad in the Seams.

It’s just a smidge shorter than I’d usually like (and there definitely wasn’t enough fabric left over for pockets) but it works beautifully with tights and boots.

I wasn’t sure how the sleeves would go on the Torrens, and was pleasantly surprised – nay, delighted! – to discover that they weren’t nearly as boxy or wide as I’d suspected.

I actually kind of love this dress, and I definitely love the Torrens Box Top dress hack. It took just ONE NAP to sew, from cutting to hemming (so, a bit less than two hours) and I’m already planning to make another one, a little longer, that I can tie with a belt, or layer under long cardigans.