Merry Mekko

Dress: Wallis

Cardigan: Glassons

Belt: Sussan

Shoes: I Love Billy

 Way back in April last year I linked to a dress from the UK brand Wallis as an example of an awesome printed fabric dress.

The dress was part of Wallis’ “1923” range, which was inspired by prom dresses from the 1950’s and used prints from Wallis’ own archives. All the dresses were pretty cute, but this one – with it’s Marimekko-inspired poppy print – was a personal favourite.

It must have been a personal favourite for a lot of people, because before I had a chance to buy one for myself, *poof!*, they were gone.

I scoured eBay for a few months before finally resigning myself to the fact that I’d simply missed out.

Imagine my enormous surprise (and delight!) when reader Rachel emailed me saying she’d bought the dress for herself, but had never worn it, and had decided to pass it on. To me!

I couldn’t be more delighted!

It’s a size smaller than I probably would have bought, and fits perfectly. The quality is excellent – the dress is a lovely soft cotton, and the print is so retro-cool.

So, for you Rachel:


27 thoughts on “Merry Mekko

  1. I love the Wallis site!! Have just picked out two dresses for work that are a little bit different that anything i have seen before. Thank you!!!!

    1. It really orks doesn’t it? I didn’t have a cardigan in the right red or blue, and the yellow just worked surprisingly well! I’m going to try it with green next time!

  2. What a bold, brilliant outfit! The combination with yellow works wonderfully.

    Of all the dresses I’ve ever owned, this one is my favourite – gorgeous print and such a flattering shape! I was lucky to grab one last year, they did vanish from the shelves in under a week!

  3. Really like that dress. Haven’t been into a Wallis store in ages. As I’m in the Uk, I’ve no excuse really. Think a weekend visit might be in order.

    1. It’s weird – I only go to their site occasionally, and usually I’m a bit “meh”, but every so often they have things that are so toe-curlingly awesome that it’s impossible to say “no” to!

  4. I wavered on that dress for too long then it ran out of my size! I’m so jealous now I see it on you, it looks amazing! Brights in winter really improve my mood too 🙂

    1. You sound like a super lovely person Rachel!! That was really kind to pass it on. You look fantastic Lilli 🙂

    1. Thanks Rochelle 🙂 It’s not a style I would normally gravitate towards (fitted on the hips and then pleats to an a-line skirt) but it’s actually lovely IRL

  5. Wow!! You look amazing and this outfit is so beautiful but interesting as well. I looked at it a couple of times and loved it more and more each time. Beautiful! Well done!

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