Pretty In Prints

All my moaning about how retailers never have good printed fabrics, and it looks like this season they’re determined to prove me wrong!

Look at what I’ve got my eye on at the moment:


Multi Rose Peter Pan Dress


1923 Red Vintage Poppy Prom Dress


Grey Bug Print Piped Dress


Ivory Oranges and Lemons Dress


Andorra Dress


Orange Flower and Stripe Dress


Petite Black Floral Dress


Lupin Print Skirt


Belted Pleat Skirt


Swishy Viscose Skirt


Whitney Dress


Blair Button Dress


Cynthia Twist Dress


Green Garden Print Skirt


Black Butterfly Print Skirt

17 thoughts on “Pretty In Prints

  1. You and I have EXACTLY the same taste in clothes. I have been eyeing off that rose print Boden skirt for AGES! I have three things I want from there but I can’t decide if it’s too expensive. I like their wrap dresses too. I always bitch about retailers having no prints as well. I find people are very hesitant about prints, I always have to push my friends into trying them on but then they look fab!

    P.S- Were you wearing a Bumpit in the previous post? I love mine!

  2. I just can’t get with prints no matter how much I try. I always feel like I’m wearing curtains. That said, I’ve been eyeing the bug print dress & skirt from DP for a while now. I just have no idea how to make it work.

  3. There are some absolutely gorgeous dresses in there! You always post such tempting lists – they tend to tempt me to lose my self-control and go crazy and spend.

  4. Oh my gosh, I already have many of these bookmarked. I am just waiting to see if I can whittle the list down to the absolute must haves

  5. Pretty excited about going to the UK next week because I’m going to hunt down a Dorothy Perkins store!!! I’m too hesitant to shop online but I think I’ll have to start once I get home. They have SUCH a good choice of clothing in europe / the UK. I LOVE the DP peter pan collar dress!!

  6. Ohhhh you are so SO bad for my attempted shopping ban!! The first 4 dresses are particularly amazing, if only we were heading into summer not winter!! xxx

  7. I ADORE the multi rose peter pan dress and the stunning lupin skirt….so pretty! I love pretty!!
    The peter pan dress is a pretty good price too….so tempting…….
    I love color!!! Black or bloc color is goos sometimes but color just makes you happy for no other reason than it is color!

    1. I tried the whitney and it made me look soooooo frumpy! Im short waisted so I think that was the prob! I LOVE Leona!!!

  8. I LOVE Dorothy Perkins stuff, but it’s sooooo short! I’m 6 foot tall, which already makes length a problem, and I’m not the daintiest person in the world. If only I could work out a way of adding some length without it looking horrible. Or magically have amazing legs so I can get away with crotch length skirts!

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