Second Chances

Dress: Leona Edmiston

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that this dress is a purchase from a while back, but it’s been a bit cool to wear it so this is the first time it’s shown up on the blog. Sort of, anyway.

Way, way, waaaaay back in the blog’s lifetime (August 2009, actually) I posted this Leona Edmiston Dress on a Lust List. When I saw it originally online I found the brightly coloured heart print absolutely entrancing but when I went into the store to see it in person the dress turned out to be a big, brightly coloured, nicely cut t-shirt… for $440.

Even though practically half a GRAND was obviously stupidly expensive for an unlined cotton sheath dress I went back three times trying to rationalise the purchase to myself. They had a 20% discount… that brought it down $352. And I had a $50 voucher, that would make it $300….

Couldn’t be done.

I let it go out of stock and instead spent the next year scouring fabric shops online and in real life trying to find a fabric that came close to the Edmiston hearts (the closest I could ever come was the gumball fabric that I bought from Spotlight and turned into a skirt).

Eventually I realised that nothing was going to compare, and shelved my disappointment in the back of my mind alongside other buyers and non-buyers regrets that I have.

I never did stop looking though.

A few weeks ago I found the dress in the Leona Edmiston Clearance shop. The staff member seemed as surprised as I was (the dress had been enormously popular, despite the prohibitive pricetag). And there was just one, in my size.

I held my breath and turned the tag over… $220.

Half off, but still stupidly expensive.

I’m proud to say I didn’t buy it on the spot – I put it out to my Twitter followers, and you guys convinced me that if I had been thinking about this dress for nigh on two years, and lo, it had appeared in my size, then it was kismet and I’d be mad not to buy it.

So I did.

Who says there’s no second chances?


24 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. Looks great, love that print! I actually saw this dress in the clearance shop awhile back, liked the print but the cut is all wrong for me!

    I’m sure you will get a lot of attention in this dress 🙂

  2. So s so pretty and happy! And when it is in your size and half price it is fate working for you! I bought a gorgeous Leona dress to wear to a friends wedding and it was half price reduced from $880 to $440!! Freaked out but I adored it and wanted to look amazing…so I asked and got it for $400! Felt very stylish and pretty in it too!

  3. It’s gorgeous! Such a happy, happy dress. Wear it with joy and don’t think about the price tag. x

  4. It’s a beautiful dress and I do love Leona but some of her dresses are just crazy stupid prices. Can’t be done, even on sale. I buy many of her Ruby dresses though – they are a lot better value.

    At half price, this dress is a good buy though. I wish you many happy wears!

  5. Gorgeous on you, Lilli and well worth the wait 🙂

    I’ve been looking at some Leona Edmiston dresses on Ebay lately but have yet to bite as I’m just not sure on my size. You’ve convinced me to investigate further!

  6. The dress is AMAZING! I love it! I can see why you were so tempted by it! It is a tad expensive but I think if you aim to wear it lots (even 10 times will equal $22 a wear!) it will be worth it.

    Having seen it I now want it!

  7. I think it looks beautiful darling! I was totally ready to follow the link to get one for myself until I saw that price and my eyes FELL OUT OF MY HEAD! At the moment, that is way more than I have to spend. But if I did have the cash, and it looked this cute on me, I would have snapped it up in a second! All those hearts make it so very Lilli!

  8. I’m awestruck after seeing this beautiful dress! The print is just gorgeous! That said, it’s a little more than a tad expensive, even after the discount. At least for my budget. However, Monkey did a good job or rationalizing the expense so when you think about it, it’s a justified purchase! 🙂

  9. so glad someone got it.. I tried it on several times too – and like you couldnt do it for the price
    I am super jealous.. looks amazing 😉

  10. Team it with black sheer hose, jacket or cardi and you have another great look. The print is fantastic and the coulours so vibrant.

  11. sweet, indeed it seems it was meant for you. I have a golden rule of shopping and that is if I’m thinking about an item for more 24 hours and I can afford to splurge a bit, I will get it.

  12. gorgeous! you look so lovely in those colours, and every time you wear it will feel like a triumph of patience and bargain hunting 🙂

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