Sick as a Dog

Dress (with belt): Dorothy Perkins
Stockings: Ambra
Blurgh! I’m sick as a dog today, so I’ve actually pulled an outfit shot from a few days ago that I ran out of time to post.
I meant to tell you all that I finally found a pair of truly opaque black stockings. These are 200 denier (practically trousers) and come from the one pantyhose brand that I can actually tolerate (Ambra).

(blimey! are those my legs?)
Between sleeping, measuring my head to make sure it’s not really three times bigger than usual and blowing the contents of my skull out of my nostrils (sorry, gross) I’ve been browsing the internet for things that I seriously don’t need… So I thought I’d share!
Buy these, so Lilli doesn’t have to:
Dress: Boden

Cardigan: Boden
T-shirt: Em & Sprout
Dress: yystudio
Jacket: Ezibuy
Top: Eshakti

27 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog

  1. WOW! Great look!!

    I stumbled across your blog last week and I must say that I have been getting some fantastic inspiration. The tights are exactly what i have been looking for, where did you find them??

    I hope your feeling better soon!

  2. Love the first dress and the Leona Edmiston one. She is so great for us curvy gals. Not sure I could buy from a store called Thrush Vintage. Mind you we have a store in Sydney called Jizz Fashion, they may well have some nice clothes, but I can't go in there.

    I hope you feel better very very soon.

  3. Get well soon sweetheart! Take some time to rest!

    And yep, put me down for the cardigan, LOVE it.

    But what I really wanted to say was on this photo day, your hair KILLED it. Magnificent hair day!

  4. Black opaque tights are so hard to find! I finally found a really soft pair that came in a 3 pack, and it's very opaque (less then yours) so I'm happy!

  5. You are so gorgeous! I love the hair! I recently tried to cut my hair to look kinda like that.. and it isn't as cute as yours.

  6. 🙁 poor girl! hope you will be find soon!!
    you look terrific, as always! 🙂
    as for things I don't need 😉 well, honestly, i don't need boots with 8cm high heels 😉 I've ordered a pair though 😉
    huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugz!!! and one day I promise to make you one of my famous "stupid hats" 😉

  7. Hi Lilli, Sorry to hear you are feeling sick. I just bought a few things from Thrush and I am excited to get them–i also love the painted dress you picked out!

  8. I NEED that hello sailor tee! And that Ezibuy jacket is LOVELY!

    The cold is probably karma for all the wonderful things you make me desire, sent by my bank balance!!!! 😛

  9. Sorry you are sick miss!

    Sometimes I feel like you are my shopping twin. I have been dying to own that nautical tshirt from Em and Sprout. I even took the time ot convo her to makesure a 2x would fit my massive 44G/H chest. It will! That dress with the magical floral pattern has been on my etsy favorites list for ages!

    Feel better!

  10. I hope you are feeling much better now. I am dying to try a leona edmiston dress but am scared it will not live up to my expectations.
    take care miss lilli!!!


  11. Get well Lilli. I can see how much weight you've dropped in this latest picture (rather alarming!), so I hope things are okay.

    Rest up so you're in top peak physical condition for your events laden calendar.



  12. Hi Jessie, thanks! I'm so glad you found the blog and that you like what you've seen. The tights came from Ambra ( which is an Australian brand. I'm not sure where you're based, but you can pick them up at Myer if you're down under.

    It is, isn't it Claire? I love the Boden range & I only her good things about it, but I haven't indulged yet. Soon, my precious… soon.

    Hi D_H, LOL @ Thrush Vintage. I suppose as long as you stayed away from knickers… (Who would buy vintage knickers anyway??)

    Thanks, Sal. It's a little rock-chick isn't it?

    That's great moremagicalalways – Good opaque stockings are one of those winter staples I find.

    Thanks Bethamint! And it's so affordable. I actually don't know why I don't own it already!

    Thanks Pomegranate. BTW, your hair is cute! It looks really good!

    Hi m. LOL, I've been there with the boots. I have far too many pairs as it is but still I visit Duo Boots… Which pair did you get?

    Hi Grey – it's gorgeous, isn't it? Plus I emailed them to see if they could make it longer (on account of my knees are very shy and don't like being quite so on display) and they will! Hurrah!

    Hi Lesa, yay! You'll have to post pics on Always Summer when they arrive so I can see them 🙂

    Thanks Mars 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion Dany – I've been knocking back a lot of lemon & honey because I lost my voice for a while there, but I'll give peppermint tea a whirl.

    LOL, tabitha! Trust me! I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to responsibly shopping and self-restraint – we can be desirous and indulgent together 🙂

    British Tart, you should start a blog of your own! I'd love to see more of your outfit shots. Do you post on Flickr at all?

    Thanks Anon, it's pretty amazing. The fabric & the detailling… yum!

    Thanks Sandra – well I tried this one on at Myer and it looks great, but it's insanely expensive for what it is so I'm restraining myself. One day though!

    Thanks Nelly 🙂

    Hi Kate – you're so sweet for worrying! I'm really great actually. I promise I haven't really lost that much weight, and I'm pretty sure it's all coming back on quite quickly because I'm eating out a lot (the single social life is GREAT!) and not getting to the gym as regularly as I ought to.

  13. Wahhhh! You always have the cutest clothes! I love that Boden dress – and funnily enough I am off to the UK next weekend. Will definitely have to check out their store. Let me know if you want anything! S x

  14. ah! they were too high, these boots, I'm thinking of something proper for dog pissing instead 😉
    anyway, it's still summer here, so I have plenty of time to think 😛
    huuuuuuuugz Lilli!

  15. I've just discovered Boden myself, and apart from having the most hilarious copywriting on any clothing store, their range is excellent! I bought a jersey dress and a ruffly cardigan which are both great.
    Loving that goldy rosey dress too! I saw it on etsy but am too scared to commit as it's super short for my log legs!

  16. Now look what you made me do.. I had to buy that adorable T-shirt (Em & Sprout)!!! Can't wait 'til it arrives. xxx

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