Purple is the colour of…

Dress: Bravissimo
Haven’t seen this dress for a while, have we?
It’s really not warm enough to wear it, but I’m missing skirts and dresses, so I’m gritting my teeth and bearing the icy winds.
I had a wonderful weekend away in Healesville with a girlfriend and am now looking down the barrel of two very busy months – lots of opportunities to get frocked up, so here’s hoping the weather’s condusive. Keep your eyes peeled, because there’s one or two new items that are yet to be revealed too!

20 thoughts on “Purple is the colour of…

  1. How freaking hot do you look! Look at that waist, there are women out there pulling the corset strings in to get that waist!
    Love the purple too, its just so purty!

  2. is it possible to look TOO good!? i LOVE the neckline on that dress. i haven't been able to find a jersey wrap dress that i love yet but this one is perfect! i checked on the website and i just wish it came in other colors. i don't think i could pull off purple like you ; ;!

    anyway, glad to hear you had fun, here's to keeping busy!

  3. I have seen you in the dress previously on the blog and i dont know if its your undergarments or your confidence it looks so much more smashing this time round!!

  4. you look chic, sexy, and adorable all at once. great color, and for some reason the silhouette really works with your hair. very frenchie.

  5. I was *thisclose* to commenting on the last post: "more purple please!" You read my mind and obliged 🙂 Purple is very flattering on you!

  6. Such a gorgeous dress. Can I ask how you find Bravissimo for size? I can't see anything on their website with a proper size chart and wondering if I should get a 16 or an 18. Or does it depend on the individual dress?

  7. Thanks Modest Mum! The colour's great isn't it? I should really buy more purple….

    Misskit, I have to admit that it's all about the dress – I'm actually not that curvy in real life!

    Thanks so much, georgiapeach!

    Thanks Jamile 🙂

    JvG, I love it – I wish it were made of a different fabric though – the jersey's so thin!

    Thanks Luinae

    Aw, thank you m.

    Mars, you and I are both on the hunt for the perfect jersey wrap dress. Keep your eyes peeled – I'll find it *one* day!

    Thanks Marzipan 🙂

    I've been thinking I need to embrace purple more often, Sandra! (Yay an excuse to do more shopping!)

    Hi Anon, I think the secret is that I'm wearing a slip thins time! The thin jersey doesn't cling as much…

    Thanks Marjorie!

    LOL, thanks Mrs S. I got your psychic message, obviously!

    Hi D_H, this dress is an 18 – I could have probably gone down to a 16. Maybe work on the basis that they fit similarly to Aussie styles. I guess it depends on the style, I have a 48" hip and I probably wouldn't fit into a 16 pencil skirt, but the flared skirts are fine. I'm actually tempted by other of their dresses…

  8. What an absolutely captivating, beautiful hue. So regally rich and timelessly elegant. You look gorgeous!

    Wishing you a splendid Thursday!
    ? Jessica

  9. I'm new here. Been looking for someone with s similar body shape to me. Gorgeous. Can I copy your hairstyle? 😀 I have the fringe and the thick dark hair, and now I see your hair, I want it. No,not a stalker :D. You look stunning.

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