My New New Favourite (Old) Dress

Dress (Vintage): Miss Modular Vintage
Cardigan: City Chic
Belt: Cotton On
Shoes: Zu Shoes
I know I always say “This is my new favourite dress!” but seriously folks, this is my new favourite dress!
I don’t usually have a great deal of luck with vintage or thrifted items – usually the range for gals in the size 16 or above bracket is quite matronly, to say the least. But this dress, this dress, with its ridiculously oversized polkadots is the perfect blend of fun and and function. It’s made out of some nasty synthetic fabric, by the looks of the seams and the lack of label I suspect it’s actually home made. I love the idea of some bygone curvy girl – fed up with the offerings in the stores – whipping it up herself.
If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’d know that I’m back on the dating market (oh Gods!) It’s going remarkably well. This week is the week of 8 dates in 8 days (and I’m three dates in) and I think this dress is just bloody perfect. You’d date me, right?

21 thoughts on “My New New Favourite (Old) Dress

  1. You are so funny! I am dating too…tomorrow I will have my 3rd date of the week: fingers crossed!
    Well…this dress…thiiiiiis dress is my favourite one of yours!!!!
    Have a nice day (I don't even know what time it's in your place…in France it's the morning).

  2. I'd turn gay for you Lilli!

    I'm not shocked that you can score 8 dates in 8 days! What will you do if you find Mr Amazing on date 4 though? 😀

    I do do do love that dress. I had something very similar in the 80's but mine was a milk chocolate colour. I read a little hint the other day about pinning a safety pin to the inside of your seam to help with the static/clinging.

    I tried it with a dress I wore and it did seem to work!

  3. Ooops.. I meant to add to all of that that I absolutely love your dress and you look equally amazing.

    I remember you posting something similar and being worried about being "Minnie Mouse" like … can I just say she wouldn't even come to mind. You look cute and sexy all at once!

  4. Ok Lilli, other than becoming utterly gorgeous like you (which aint going to happen) how does one get one date, let alone 8 on 8 days. I haven't even had 8 dates i 18 years.

    Oh and on topic, I love the dress, especially with the little red cardi.

  5. That is a wonderful dress, you look so cute!

    I love the idea of a curvy girl getting fed up and making it herself too…. I wish I could do that!

  6. Hi Vanoue! Yay! I hope your date goes well!

    Hi Deborah-lee. LOL, I have to admit I'm fudging the numbers somewhat. Only three of the dates were with prospective Himself's, two were with girlfriends and one was with an old guy friend that I'm back in contact with 🙂 I'm two down when it comes to the prospective Himself's… so far I'm not quite convinced.. The static cling on the dress is insane. I haven't tried the safety pin thing, But I bought some anti-static spray and it works a charm :). Also, yep – this is the dress I posted on CurvyChick – I'm so glad I decided to buy it!

    LOL, D_H. It's all about the interwebs, my dear. I put myself on RSVP which is like the craziest womenfolk meatmarket out there. Have been approached by a broad range of completely unsuitable gentlemen. May actually take my profile down for a while because it's all a little bit overwhelming and I'm having such fun being single!

    Me too, Bethamint! I've been thinking maybe it's time for some dressmaking classes…

    Thanks, allofme 🙂

    LOL, the idea of being a heartbreaker elsiee! It slays me 🙂

    LOL, thanks, m. 🙂

  7. Lilli, you are gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous and yep, I think we would all date you. Have so much fun on your dates!

  8. Of course I'd date you! I'd even wear a matching blue or red tie for the ocassion. Fantastic thrifted find. You sound incredibly excited about it and so you should. Good luck with the dating game 😉

  9. Love the dress- I love blue and red together.

    Good luck with the dates- I hope that even if you dont meet a new Himself you at least have fun!!!!

  10. Lilli, you are so beautiful in polka dots!

    I've been following you on twitter and wiishing you tons of luck!

  11. Such a lovely dress! The spots are beautful and I simple can't get over than stunning rich blue colour. Lovely!

  12. If you're getting too many unsuitables on RSVP try okcupid. The crowd are a little younger, and more normal. I met my lovely man on there.

    I love your blog. Having only found it a week or so ago, I'm truly hooked. You should be writing for Peppermint or Frankie. I thin we plus sizers need reps in the indie mags, and your writing is killer.

    much love.

  13. I love it! In fact, I didn't even read the accompanying text at first – I just saw the dress and scrolled down immediately to see where it was from.

    Then d'oh vintage!

    goodluck on the dates, you look seriously gorgeous 🙂

  14. Oh your dress is so, so lovely. I would love one of my own. {Please!}

    How much fun does 8 dates in 8 days sound?! It sounds like a movie title… and one that I'd watch too! Please tell us any juicy gossip. x

  15. I know I always say "This is my new favourite blog!" but seriously folks, this is my new favourite blog!

    Have been tuning in a for a fortnight now and love love love you your style Miss Lilli.

    The gals at work are sick of me showing them your cute dress or cute shoes or cute hair (by the way, pffft to the ex who didn't like it that way). They think I should just ask you very nicely to order two of everything.

    Mmmmm. Polka dots.

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