The Catrabbit’s Out of the Bag

Blouse: Sportscraft
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Embody

I have another date this afternoon – one I’m particularly looking forward to – but it’s so cold I’ve had to eschew (isn’t eschew a great and under-utilised word?) my usual frippery for a rugged wool cardigan, jeans and boots.

In hindsight I really should have waited till the warmer months to embark on this whole dating lark; I have all these pretty, feminine frocks and skirts that are just crying out to be taken on picnics and to cafe’s and instead my jeans and sweaters are getting all the glory.

I’ve been thinking – considering the crazy cold snap that had suddenly engulfed Melbourne – that maybe it’s time to remix some more cardigans. Some pretty buttons, bows and ribbons can frou frou up the most “meh” outfit…

Also, Suki got a little carried away playing with my favourite remixed cardigan when it was hanging on a drying rack last week and caused much damage to the hem so I may have to duplicate the project.

Incidentally, I was in David Jones over the weekend, and noticed that Alannah Hill (no link, for the reasons listed below) has a number of very pretty cardigans that are ripe for emulation – so I might drop in for some inspiration this weekend. It should be noted that I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty for ripping off Alannah Hill’s products. I love her style, but even if she catered for my size – which she doesn’t – the fact that she is on record saying that clothes look better on thin models, and that No one wants larger girls to show off their clothes; it looks a bit silly.” * turned me off doing anything that would put money in her pocket.

You know who I love though? CatRabbit!

Brooch: CatRabbit

I bought this brooch a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it pretty regularly, just not posting the outfits. I discovered Cat Rabbit originally in Sally’s shop “Georgie Love“. Once upon a time she had the cutest brooch with two owls linked together with a chain – it caught my eye but I never indulged, and it’s since sold out. Moral of the story: Don’t wait!

20 thoughts on “The Catrabbit’s Out of the Bag

  1. Down with Ms Hill, I say. If she doesn't want curvy girls wearing her clothes, then I'm happy to oblige her! ps: you look super cute, and I'll trade you your Melbourne cold snap any day for my Brisbane heat wave!

  2. Ah Lilli, don't wait is so true. Last week I decided that maybe (other than leaping out of bed, early each morning with a spring in my step -hmm no, not likely) One thing I could do to streamline my mornings, leaving time for the all important cuppa and crosswords before heading off to work for the day, was to have just one bag for spring/summer. Fear not, this would only be for work, thus all my other lovely bags would get to show themselves off on weekends and holidays. So here I am last week in Myer, at which point I spot "The Bag" great neutral colour, but not boring, big enough for all my daily needs, but not so big as to be mistaken for cabin luggage, and 20% off. SO you'd think with all that and a $20.00 Myer One voucher, it would now be mine. But no, I hesitated. I went home and then I went back to that store and 2 other Myers. It was gone. I have not seen any bag I have liked as much since. So Lilli, buy it when you see it.

    IF you have any suggestions for great bags, let me know.

    As for Alannah Hill, I will now look on my skinny minny colleagues who wear her clothes in a brand new light.

  3. Also, Alannah Hill uses real fur. Hence, "Alannah Kill". Dude, fake fur is so easy to get now, why would you bother? DOWN WITH HER I SAY.

  4. ew, karl lagerfeld said the same thing, that he designs his clothes for skinny women because clothes look better on them… but I still secretly want a giant quilted chanel purse.

    you look so cute! just as pretty and fetching for a date as if you had been wearing a dress.

  5. I can't believe Ms. Hill said that! Unspeakably rude.

    On the plus side, I think a guy would you think you were gorgeous in that outfit! You emulate class, style, and fun. Sounds like the perfect girlfriend to me!

  6. I had no idea who Alannah Hill was, so I googled her, very pretty clothes but OMG what a stoopid thing to say about fat women. way to alinate future customers!

    I say fat girl revenge – do it yourself, steal and do it cheaper too! Ya!

  7. did you spot all the bootilicious babes strutting their stuff down the run way in gorgeous bras and knickers and pretty frocks on TT last night??? they were amazing!!!

    Alannah who??? is my only comment hahaha

    I applaud your plunge into the dating whirlpool good luck!

  8. you look great! i absolutely love the color of that cardigan. i can't believe that gal said that o_O that was a poor business move on her part, at least.

  9. I love yellow – it was my favorite color as a girl, had my whole room wallpapered in yellow – but I am hesitant to wear it as an adult. You make it look so chic and wearable!

  10. You always provide links to the greatest etsy shops! And I even have my own shop, but never find the great things you do. I'd love if you shared a links column on your blog for all the great places you buy your clothes as well as the awesome accessories you find 😀

  11. Hi there. Just stumbled across your blog. Loving your sense of style! Hope the date went well 🙂

  12. I agree with the other posters "DOWN WITH ALANNAH KILL". I know that Calvin Klein made a comment in the 80s that was "It's easier for a woman to diet than for me to make clothes that would look good on a fat woman." As a result of that, I have NEVER bought a single item of his clothing even when I was thin enough to wear it!

    The same for Wayne Cooper (wife-basher that he is. Yes, that's on record) who made derogatory remarks about plus-sized woman on Triple J several years ago. A group of woman went to his show and threw plus-sized underpants at the show (Yay!)

    And also, I loath the women behind Sass & Bide as well. Their clothing is MINUSCULE. When I was a size 12 I couldn't even squeeze into their size "XL". What a joke.

    Ooh, sorry, I got on a bit of a rant there didn't I 😉

    So I say, copy away, Alannah Hill doesn't want our business!



  13. Thanks girls! Sorry I haven't got time to write a more concise reply! Have had crazy insanely busy few days!

  14. Well don't worry about ripping Alannah Hill off. She actually rips off other brands' designs and claims it as her own original design.

  15. I know it's been a long time since you wrote this, but I wanted to say, just like the person above, that this so called designer rips off another brands.
    So don't feel bad ripping her ass off, she didn't create anything, and most probably the cardigans you're talking about are some of the rips-off she did..! >.<

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