The Morning After The Night Before

Cardigan: Cotton On
Jeans: Svoboda
Necklace: Thrifted
I am just loving this footloose and fancy-free life.
I think that in the last month I’ve seen more, explored more, experienced more and drank more than I have in the previous six years.

Little known fact about Lilli: I don’t drink. Much.

One of the perils of living a wild social life is that it tends to go hand in hand with imbibing.
Last night, for example, I attended an exhibition opening that included my favourite Melbourne artist, “Ghost Patrol” (you may recognise the name from here). Afterwards I headed home to spend the evening with my VDF (Very Dear Friend) – we’ll call her “HazMo’s Ma” – and 9 month old bubby who are visiting from Canberra for the weekend.
Much later, after HazMo’s Ma & Haz Mo himself had put themselves to sleep I got a surprise invitation from a friend to join the artists at an impromptu after-party.
So, after leaving a note in case my interstate guests woke up and found me gone I snuck out the door and over the river. It’s the kind of invitation that I couldn’t possibly refuse – the opportunity to spend the evening in the company of smart, young, intelligent artists and intellectuals. Wine, Whiskey and Scintillating Conversation flowed freely. It all felt wonderfully wicked and decadent. And since I was being wicked and decadent anyway I indulged.
I didn’t get home until after 3am.
I only got about four hours sleep last night but I woke up feeling fantastic.
Life is Good.

18 thoughts on “The Morning After The Night Before

  1. Bures: (n) – the indigestion and associated body functions, that afflict one after dodgy shopping centre/mall Mexican "food."

    (Sorry, Lilli but I love these random word verifications and have decided that I must now give definitions for them)

    Love the cardi- didn't know Cotton On had such lovely items. I have always thought them to be for the skinny minnies.

    Glad to see you are throwing yourself at life with full force, wish I had the guts and energy to do the same.

  2. You look thin and happy. Whatever you're up to, keep doing it! I only wish I could come out of a long-term relaysh with such style. Breakups for me generally involve a lot of wallowing and semi-starvation which is not healthy or stuffing my face – also not healthy. Hey you're eating properly aren't you? And you got to keep the kitty, right??!

  3. Oh Lilli, that's so completely cool! You awesome social butterfly – I'm sure you dazzled everyone. Did you end up talking yourself into any of the paintings?

    You should put HazMo himself into one of the pictures as your accessory. He's the ultimate in cute.

    (I also love decadent_hedonist's new idea and hope for more definitions!)

  4. Aaww, the outfit is lovely, but I had to comment on the even lovelier accompanying words. It's fabulous that you feel that way, it brings a smile to my face ^_^.

  5. Lil! You're looking absolutely incandescant. Life is good indeed.

    P.S. Can you please save me the Ghost Patrol's exhibition invite if there are any left.

  6. I just found this blog from fatmumslim – I love it!! Love love love.

    I think you are gorgeous, really like the fashions and your writing. I'll be back x

  7. I just found this blog from fatmumslim – I love it!! Love love love.

    I think you are gorgeous, really like the fashions and your writing. I'll be back x

  8. LOL, thanks Sandra – yes it is!

    Thankyou, M. I shall certainly try!

    Oh, Chantelle – I've been an old fuddy duddy for a Very Long Time. And the fact that I felt quite scandalous sneaking out to go to a party shows that I'm still an old fuddy duddy at heart 🙂

    LOL, good one, D_H: I love the idea of defining word verifications! Cotton On certainly is mostly for skinny minnies. I wouldn't dare even attempt anything that had to be done up!

    Thanks Jodes – life's so wonderful right now. I'm loving it and living it with full force for the first time in a long while.

    Hey Suze, I wish I could take credit for it, but honestly, I'm not doing anything different. In fact I'm going to the gym less than ever and eating out more. Maybe that's the secret (in Bizzaro World!)

    Hi Fi – I restrained myself manfully, am still paying off my Shaun Tan at the moment. Next time though, next time!

    Thanks Luinae! I'm loving it, too!

    Hey there, youngandstupid – They're the Svoboda Renee straightlegs – I love them, so comfortable!

    Hi there, MIA – I'm glad you're smiling… me too!

    Hello, my gorgeous CashlessCashmere – I shall see if I can pick one up for you. Shall I mention (just to make you extra jealous that you decided on Mongolia, instead of Melbourne) that I've been invited to watch them put up an installation?

    Hello, Kate! I'm really glad you found me! I hope you stick around, it's getting really fun!

  9. Hi Katie,
    Ooops – somehow missed your comment! Yes, It's a purchase from this week, so run in and check, there were truckloads when I when in, so it must've just arrived (It was in the window)

  10. 🙂 I love this pink floral.
    You truly are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your life and style with the world.

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