Rude in the Nude

Belt: Fiorelli
Shoes: Zu Shoes
I really, really, really didn’t need another pair of shoes because, seriously, the shoe part of my wardrobe is groaning under the weight of all my footwear (seriously. I have 11 pairs of red-hued shoes. 11. In red alone.)
For the last few months though I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of neutral (AKA, nude) pumps so I made a deal with myself: The next pair of shoes I bought had to be a pair of nude pumps that fit my criteria exactly.
They had to have a heel, but not be unwearable whilst striding around the city. I wanted kid leather on the inside so that I wouldn’t have to wear them with stockings. They had to be the right kind of nude (i.e. not so dark that they made my perennially pale legs look even more frighteningly pale)
It was supposed to be an impossible quest, but I managed to find them last week at Zu and today I wore them into and around the city. For the first time. Without stockings! And they were immediately comfortable. Woohoo!
So now I’ve bought the Impossible Nude Pumps it opens up the floor to shoe shopping again. Watch out, credit card!

16 thoughts on “Rude in the Nude

  1. Oh my goodness Lilli, they are gorgeous!!!

    I am craftily hatching a plan to go to Zu after checking out there website too, there are some gorgeous shoes there

  2. Beautiful! The colours look gorgeous against your skin. You really do have an eye for these things!

    This might be random, but I'm on a hunt for a nice pair of glasses frames – I quite like yours, do you happen to know the brand/style?

  3. I have always looked at nude shoes in the hsops and thought "hmm how could I work that?" Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  4. Patiolo : the dance Lilli will be doing across a balcony on a moonlit night when she is swept off her feet, whilst wearing THOSE DIVINE SHOES. The patiolo when danced with the right partner involves much passionate embrassing and kissing.

    They look great Lilli, the whole outfit looks so classy.

  5. you are my inspiration! I bought nude shoes (by accident) in Glasgow last January but… I've never worn belts 😉 thanks to you I have 2 already and thinking of one more 😉
    Lilli you look gorgeous as always! 🙂
    big biiiiiiig hug!
    (In Warsaw we have late summer and it's still the weather for undressing than dressing! But sooooon 😀 I will put my absolutely fantastic vintage coat on :D)

  6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Lilli, because I just had to buy a pair of these too – they are so beautiful and so comfy too! I'm going to have to buy the black pair as well now!

  7. Hi Adrasteia – they do some great shoes, and they last forever. I have a pair of tan wedges from there that I wear consistently every summer and they've been going strong for at least 3 years 🙂 I love that you bought a pair – they're pretty fab, huh?

    Hi Anon, They just came from OPSM – they're O&X New York, style 51017 I think (at least, those are the numbers on the frame…)

    Hi Sandra, LOL, no worries! They kind of go with everything, now that I think of it. You'll see them a lot in summer, I suspect.

    Hi Lucy – I've worn them once before on the blog:

    I love it, D_H 🙂

    LOL, I love that you bought nude shoes by accident, m. It sounds like something *I* would do!

    Thanks hatjunkie! I definitely am having a good time 🙂

    Hi Luinae – I should be embarrassed, right? heheheh. I'm tempted to make it 12, actually. I don't have any red flats.

  8. I have no idea what Zu is, but those heels are awesome! I've also been on the hunt for the perfect nude heels… to no avail.

    Love the whole outfit!

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