Hot Mustard

Dress: Asos

Belt: Glassons

Tights: The Sock Shop

Shoes: Imagination


In autumn I always seem to develop a bit of a fascination for mustard. It’s a bit bright and a bit warm and a bit hard to find.

I spotted this dress on on the Asos website, and the combination of wide-scooped neckline (my favourite) and flared hemlime negated my concerns about the typically short hemline.

I wasn’t entirely sold when it arrived. The fabric’s great, but the cut’s not the best. It’s a smidge too big and the waist sits a little high (because of my generous endowments, no doubt). There’s a lot of fabric in the full circle skirt… just not a lot in the hem!

Teamed with my star tights and belted with my leather Glassons belt I like it a little more, and it goes well with the Foudre Blanche necklace that I bought from Etsy.


15 thoughts on “Hot Mustard

  1. I love this! The navy and mustard are great together, and those tights are very cute! I have the same problem with the waist of certain dresses and shirts sitting high because I’ve very chesty, but this doesn’t look bad at all, I think it looks quite good on you actually!

  2. I love this outfit so much, the tights are adorable! I have been having such a hard time finding tights that fit me properly, but aren’t so cheap that my fingers go through them the first time I go to pull them on.

  3. The colour and shape of that dress are amazing! I agree that its a wee bit on the short size but it really suits you! I love the way you’ve styled it. I wish I could carry of mustard – I’d look ill!

  4. Sooo cute! The whole outfit is lovely!! I don’t think it looks too short at all–maybe you’re just used to longer hemlines/less-full skirts? 🙂

  5. I think you can pull it off! Man, I hate it how everything is so short at ASOS though, the hem length stops me from buying so many things on there.

    On the other hand, mustard is so your colour! I always look mournfully at it on the racks but it does not suit my colouring at all for some reason.

    BTW, do you have any recommendations for somewhere to buy a nice wrap dress? I want something in a heavy fabric with an interesting print and it’s for work so it can’t be too booby or short.

  6. I think the dress is lovely and a great length on you showing off your shapely legs. Love it except for the mustard… Just cannot like mustard!!!

  7. Oh I have this in black and love it! I can see the mustard one sneaking into my wardrobe when the BF isn’t looking….

  8. Love the mustard Lilli 🙂 I have been looking for a similar mustard since Feb. There were some beautiful mustard cardis at Sussan but I found them to be too pricey, I do regret not buying them now.

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