May(de): Repeat Performance

T-Shirt: McQueen @ Queen Clothing

Jeans: Levi Curve

Cardigan: Woolovers (remixed)

Shoes: Melissa

It is nice to mooch around in jeans and a t-shirt sometimes – I do it more often than you might suppose… I just don’t usually blog it. With my posting my outfit every day you’re discovering all my lazy little secrets!

My May(de) item today is a bit of a deja vu:

When I ordered the pink wool roving for my first felt applique remix project I also bought some in red, because I wasn’t sure which style I wanted to go with.

I ended up using the pink for the grey cardigan, and then I decided to use some of the red roving to remix a basic black cardigan.

After doing the applique, the cardigan accidentally made its way into the washing machine (oops!). The cardigan is machine-washable… the felt hearts? Not so much.

The appliques came out a lot smaller and tighter than they went in, and had lost some of their shape, but I kind of wiggled them back into a heart and ironed them, and the result’s pretty good.

I like having a little bit of whimsy on a plain cardigan, and I still have SO much wool roving left over that I’m now looking at every other knitted item I own and thinking about what I can do it…

11 thoughts on “May(de): Repeat Performance

  1. I’m trying not to do any more crafty projects until after our big move next month, on account of having all my crafting supplies packed up already. Your cardigans are seriously tempting me to dig everything out, though.

  2. I have been wanting to do this for ages, but was worried about ending up with too much leftover wool/supplies.

    Maybe you can offer you services out for a small fee?

    1. LOL, I think my felting’s probably still a bit too dodgy to ask people to pay for it. Fortunately wool roving’s pretty cheap, and I have an upcoming DIY project where you can use some more of the leftovers 🙂

  3. Good to know u do casual – but still looking very stylish there!! Really like your felting! The hearts rock!

  4. you say you don’t wear pants much but you look awesome in skinny jeans! Oh to look that great in them!

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