We Have Lift-Off

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Blouse: Michelle Tan

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Poetic Licence

Belt: Glassons

So how was everyone’s week?

I was absolutely delighted to see the end of mine. It’s been a hard one, both physically and emotionally.

After officially moving last weekend, I said my final goodbyes to the home that’s been the backdrop to so many important moments, including the first kiss I shared with The Sophisticate, and the moment he asked me to be his wife.

I also spent Valentine’s Day solo, which kind of sucked. A nasty work drama capped off my crappy week, so I’m spending today in seclusion; reading, blogging, and trying to convince the cat to come out of the cupboard (she’s still not quite settled in yet)

I’ve just taken my first outfit shots in my new home, but realised before I could post them I would have to put up these, the last “lift” photos for Frocks And Frou Frou.

I didn’t care much for this backdrop when I first moved in with The Sophisticate – too much going on in the background, not enough natural light – but I grew to love it. I became a fixture in the foyer with my tripod and my camera, and all the neighbours got to know me. There’s more than one embarrassed outtake of me laughing self-consciously when I’m sprung mid-pose.

This is another slightly-too-long fit-and-flare skirt. This is the ponti one from Asos that I alluded to earlier. The weight of the fabric means that it doesn’t sit out quite as satisfactorily as the cotton drill version of the same skirt, but it definitely doesn’t crease as readily either, which iron-phobic-I am pretty happy about. It’s a lovely deep plummy colour that I think will be more at home in the cooler months.

I’ve been trying to find more peter-pan collars as the trend appears to be vanishing from the shops (le sigh) and I can’t believe it took me this long to remember that – duh! – my floral button-back blouse from Michelle Tan sports one.

It can be difficult to make out against the floral print, but it’s definitely there. I wonder if she’d custom-make me one in a plain fabric?


Prints Charming

Dress: Vintage via Thrush

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Tights: mesop

Shoes: Poetic Licence

 Brooch: Pirdy

I’ve had a few stabs at pattern mixing before with varying degrees of success. They’ve always got polkadots somewhere though. What it is about polkadots that of all the patterns it’s the one that plays nicest with others?

Usually in the cooler months I would team this vintage dress with brown boots and a mustard cardigan but the only plain mustard cardigan I have at the moment is a flimsy cotton blend and it wasn’t going to provide much protection from the chilly wet weather.

This cardigan’s wool and a good deal warmer, and while I’m finding it disappointingly unflattering fully buttoned, it looks quite cute fastened at the neck with a brooch.