Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Poetic Licence


The ever-lovely Jessica from Eliza Parker sent me this wonderful dress – The Bordeaux – for summer; and with its light cotton fabric, punctuated throughout with wee little eyelets for the breeze to whistle through, it’s most welcome on hot humid days.

The elbow-length sleeves are slightly puffed and have a generous amount of room, so you don’t feel like some over-zealous doctor is trying to take your blood pressure. The whole dress is quite roomy, but it ties into a sash at the back, so you can wear it snugly at the start of the day, then loosen it by the end if you’ve spent the day sampling the gastronomic delights provided by your boyfriend’s parents. You know, not that that’s ever happened to me.

The styling is vaguely Edwardian, with the ruffled bib and the blousy sleeves, and there’s lovely little details like the self-covered buttons that fasten down the front. Not to mention Eliza Parker’s trademark deep pockets.

It arrives with a completely separate black slip which gives you full coverage, but in the interest in staying cool I threw caution to the wind and subbed it out for some discreet nude-coloured underwear, and wore the dress by itself.

I like the play of skin and shadow through the embroidery. The effect is something like the night sky, with pinpoints of light shifting in and out of view.

The Bordeaux comes in other colours as well – a navy and a plum – both of which are currently on sale for $99.

17 thoughts on “Constellations

  1. That is a beautiful dress. I always tend to stay away from black in the summer months, but this dress looks like it might just persuade me otherwise.

    Thank you for the etsy recommendations last time. I am now saving my money to buy a dress before I go to Japan from etsy.

  2. Lilli, I have to tell you: I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time on my phone. Heck, I don’t get dressed without first checking what you’re wearing, because you inspired me to dig deep into my closet to dress in something besides sweats. You always look so put together and fresh.

    But I have to know: how do you do your hair? The waves hit at JUST the right spot below your chin, and your bangs — unlike mine — are always smooth and perfect. What’s the secret? Will you share? Pretty, pretty please???

    1. I have a wonderful, wonderful hairdresser – but the secret with the waves is pure laziness: I put my hair into a pony-tail when it’s still semi-damp, and when it’s dry the waves are exactly under my chin!

  3. This is a lovely dress and the eyelit material makes it even more special! I agree with Monkey. While black is a color that most of us would generally shy away from in the heat of summer, this fabric might just convince us otherwise.

  4. You looked lovely in this dress, cool, fresh and delightfully olde worlde with a subtle hint of fun in the eyelet effect. Plus dinner was excellent, thanks.

  5. This dress looks lovely on you. It’s both sophisticated and playful, and it looks like you could dress it up in many different ways.

  6. Hi lili,

    I’ve been lusting after this dress for months, and it is finally on sale!

    Can you please tell me what size you are wearing? Is it a generous fit?

    Would love to know what you think before I take the plunge.

    1. I’m wearing the 10/12, and it fits fine. The If you’re between sizes on the size chart I’d size down rather than up. The waist is adjustable due to the sash. Hope this helps!

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