Saturday Night Drive

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Dress: Now @ Kmart

Shoes: Wittner

Belt: Target


As you might suspect this isn’t actually today’s outfit – I wore it on Saturday, on the drive back after visiting with The Sophsticate’s folks.

It’s a very trip-to-the-country outfit, isn’t it? The full skirt, the cardigan… I felt like I should have been having a picnic in a field somewhere, but it was night-time by the time we pulled in so maybe next time!

On the topic of long drives though, have you checked out The Sophisticate’s podcast yet? Our gorgeous friends Elroy and Fiona crash The Sophisticate and my inner-city pad once a fortnight to record a very funny hour’s worth of film and media related news, and they’re doing very well and are in the new-and-noteworthy section of the iTunes Podcast Directory.

20 thoughts on “Saturday Night Drive

  1. Gorgeous outfit, that dress is really lovely! It totally agree it has that country vibe, in fact I can see it paired with a headscarf, oversized sunnies and a vintage convertible ?

  2. Summer is always the perfect time to bring out the florals and this dress is ideal! I love how these colors all seem to blend together seamlessly and the cardi is the perfect topper. You look charming!

  3. Everytime I see you in this dress I get annoyed…because when I finally found a Kmart that had it in stock, they never had my size. Grrrrrr.

    Still looks bloody cute on you. Grrrr.

    Also annoyed that you can find Chie Mihara heels (and on sale!) that fit you. Double Grrrr.

    That is all. LOL

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