News From The City

Blouse: Michelle Tan @ Etsy

Skirt: Marks & Spencer

Shoes: Poetic Licence


So this is one of those ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ outfits, but I wanted to post it now, because I wore it for the photo that accompanied an interview I did for the local magazine in Canberra “City News“.

It’s the current edition, so if you’re interested and in Canberra you can pick it up most everywhere. And if you’re interested and NOT in Canberra, you can read it here!

I was really delighted to be included alongside Lady Smaggle, whose blog, Smaggle Style was one of the first Australian fashion blogs that I ever read.

Thankyou to Megan Haggan who was lovely enough to contact me in the first place. You’ve made my Dad really, really proud!

22 thoughts on “News From The City

  1. Its that green again-LOVE it. Great use of color and patterns! The necklace finishes it. Would never think to wear such a bright skirt with the shirt but it works so well. Lovely and fresh!

  2. Saw the Canberra article, then checked out your blog. I love it!!! Spent ages last night reading past posts. Congrats on the exposure, very well deserved!

  3. This truly is a delightful outfit: it’s a touch of 50’s glam, a *good* housewife look, and sexy librarian in one. Plus you’ve acheived it all with bold, bright colours. Hooray!
    P.S. Go the fringe!

  4. Oh, that blouse is just adorable! And it looks really great in combination with that green skirt! YOur outfit makes me crave spring even more (although not sure if that’s even possible).

  5. Ooh in print again! Well done! BTW are you really called Lian or was that a print error??

    Ps – love love LOVE your outfit! I really want that skirt! Also I just ordered two tops from Dorothy Perkins – in 22 – and they FIT perfectly! Either DP has been generous or I’ve lost weight…

  6. You’re famous! Every time you post a pic of you wearing that Michelle Tan blouse, I go a little bit closer to buying it. Today, I think you’ve tipped me over the edge. And don’t even MENTION the Dorothy Perkins dress in the previous post!

    I need to stop reading this blog for the sake of my credit card but I love it too too much!

  7. i love this outfit!

    i actually saw this skirt on your blog before and adored it so much that became my Dream Skirt. Well, then I went to England for a few months for school and I managed to find one of the last ones, in Cardiff, on sale, in my size! it was fate!

    thanks so much for sharing your inspiring outfits– it’s really wonderful to see how great you look in different clothes and get ideas for my own outfits.


  8. Gorgeous outfit – your M&S skirt looks fab with the Etsy blouse and you look simply fantastic.

    Congratulations on being featured in the Canberra mag 🙂

  9. This is my fav outfit of yours so far!!! Love the floral blouse, love the colour combination, love the pearl necklace <3 I play it very safe with colours and stick to pastels, navy and black. I need to experiment more!!! xxx

  10. This blouse reminds me of spring! And considering we’re still braving the winter cold, it’s a joy to see you in this beautiful floral print. Ah, the kelly green spirit which fits you so fabulously! I was wondering when it would make an appearance! You look lovely!

  11. I was just so surprised to see your real name – So unusual! I have never come across anyone with that first name before – and so perfect for your style, beautiful but unexpected.

  12. A colleague at work was wearing the cutest dress today-material with houses on it!
    She bought it in QLD from
    She’s a size 18 and the dress looks gorgeous on her-just wanted to let you know about my latest find!

    1. Good one, Rochelle! I’d forgotten about Maiocchi – I fell in love with a dress I saw there last year, but could never find it in my size. I like the houses 🙂

  13. oh honey! you look GORGEOUS!!!! (as always!!)
    hugs from snowy and frosty Poland, got something for you but no time for finishing, so delay-delay 🙁

  14. I love it love it love it! I’m using the blouse fabric in a quilt that I’m making and I keep thinking, “This would look great as a shirt.” I was right!

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