Rainbow Bright

Dress (with belt): Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Hush Puppies


This dress… the colour… the print… the moment I spotted it, I was a goner.

And if I wasn’t sold before, the moment I saw the gorgeous “I Like Pretty Clothes” rocking it on my Tumblr Feed all my self control went out the window:

It’s uncharacteristically long for a Dorothy Perkins dress (which is to say it isn’t stupidly short) and the colour lives up to my every expectation: it’s made of the most fantastically vibrant printed cotton.

I’ve always found that my experience shopping with Dotty P has been pretty hit or miss, but when they get it right, they really do get it right, and they have pretty good sales and discounts very regularly.

Like now, for instance.

Want this dress? Order before midnight on the 27th of February and use the code DPVIPD for 20% off. Everything. Especially this dress. It has pockets.

39 thoughts on “Rainbow Bright

  1. I ordered this too! (along with the poppy print skirt). I was so pleased when it arrived, the colours are gorgeous, and the belt will come in handy too. I agree about the length, I thought for sure when I ordered it, that I’d need tights or leggings with it. Glad it was not so!

    1. That’s great Vicki! How’d you find the poppy print skirt? I’m pretty tempted by it (and the identical plain black one). How’d you find the quality? Is it flattering on?

      1. The fabric of the poppy skirt is really thin, much thinner than that of the dress. I don’t find it very flattering (but I love the print!) I find it sticks out too much over the hips and bum, but then I am used to only wearing straight skirts, I haven’t worn a gathered skirt for years. I think maybe if the fabric was a bit heavier it would hang better. I was going to try pairing it with a fitted top or jacket that goes over the hips, to see if that smooths it down a bit, but it’s been so insanely hot in Perth lately (we are officially in the middle of a heatwave) that I can’t even think about trying on clothes.

  2. Ooohh, it’s so lovely! I was considering ordering it when I saw it but I was unsure about the colours on me but now it’s going on to my ever extending wish list.

  3. That looks fantastic! What size did you get? Is the size chart reliable? I have had mixed experiences with Dorothy Perkins as regards sizing in the past, that’s why I’m asking.

    1. Hopefully they’ll expand their size range soon. Though sadly it seems like they’re going in the opposite direction… more and more I’m seeing things on their website that only go up to a 14 or a 16 >:(

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I love your blog. You are so lovely & inspiring. This is a great dress, I love the colors!

  5. What lovely bold colors on this dress! Love the fit and the length is perfect for those hot, summer days! You look wonderful! The shoes are the perfect complement to this gorgeous ensemble.

  6. Ohhhh… just gorgeous.

    AND it’s got pockets.

    I am kicking myself now – spotted this a few weeks back and ummed and ahhed and waited for payday, by which time it was sold out in my size. *kick kick kick*

    Note to self, NEVER waver, especially when there are prints and pockets involved.

    (Also, that promo code isn’t working for me – they never do – anyone else have that problem?)

  7. You look gorgeous!!
    It’s so funny, I always thought to myself, “nah, I can’t wear neutral shoes, that’d look wrong” but you look so adorable, I am tempted to try it!

  8. Since I saw you in a german magazine i’m in love with your blog. You are so cute and you have a great style. I love it and i felt inspired to look after clothes in UK and bought already some great skirts. I always have problems finding skirts or dresses in 16 or 18 in Germany. Looks like no one here is a plus size, especially me. And no one with a plus size buys something colourfull! scary! two days before, i saw you in the dorothy perkins dress and knew i must have it. but in the dp shop it doesn’t look so good. if i hadn’t see you in the dress i wouldn’t have orderd. and it was sold out in 18, so i took a 16 and i hope it fits me well. i’m so excited ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. You look amazing in this! I love the cut and the colour. It shows off your figure but is classy and conservative.

    My biggest problem with dresses is the bust — it’s usually too low or too small or both, and then too big in the waist! I tried one on today that had that problem, although on the sales rack it looked like the prefect fit. How can you tell that your measurements and the clothing sizes are correct when your order them? I’m always worried that when I order a dress it will be awkward in some places, even with the measurements.

    1. Trial & error, Tina! I’ve ordered from Dorothy Perkins in the past, so I sort of knew what to expect. That said it’s always a bit hit and miss, and the trousers I got in the same order didn’t work AT ALL!

  10. I lasted about 2 days after seeing this on your blog and had to buy it, you should get a commission from DP you worked it so well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. hello this dress looks great on you..my question is this- is the dp size standard and about the same as american/us size? thanks!

    1. Hi crisy ๐Ÿ™‚ DP’s definitely bigger than US sizes – I can alllllmost fit a standard 14 in the US, and I bought this dress in a UK 18. For the record my measurements are 42/37/44 and the 18’s got plenty of room.

  12. Oh why oh why did I not read your post sooner?
    Missed the 20% and the half price delivery day.

    This dress is super amazing. Buying it NOW.

    ps. I haven’t hit your blog for awhile, work crap busy, but I am back and I am LOVING your new photo location. Art deco Melb is just divine.

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