Back to Black

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Skirt: Charlie Brown

Stockings: Voodoo

Shoes: All Black


After the colour explosion of the last few posts I thought I’d celebrate the first day of autumn with an all (well, mostly) black outfit.

Loving this tutu skirt, and it was the perfect outfit for seeing “Black Swan” with my lovely friend Kate.

I’m loving my new polkadot stockings too! They’re from the hosiery brand “Voodoo” though I think they’re a DJ’s exclusive. I bought them on a hopeful whim yesterday, and was delighted when they fit.ย  I put my thumb through them on first wear and am thinking I might have to buy a second pair, but the hole’s high enough that it doesn’t show under this skirt and a dab of nail varnish stopped the run. If you decide to get a pair for yourself though easy does it; they’re more delicate than they seem.

26 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. LOVE the tutu! I saw one a week or so ago and wanted to get it so bad, just thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. It looks gorgeous on you; you’ve inspired me to go back to the store and pick it up…

  2. Ooh! I love everything about it! Beautiful!! I’ve been looking for polka dot tights but they don’t seem to exist in my size. Boo! ๐Ÿ™

    Ps The husband & I are in serious talks over emigrating to Melbourne. We’ve got itchy feet.

  3. WOW! I’ve just discovered your blog through ‘Maxabella Loves’ and I’m in love! Your outfits are sublime, I look forward to following along and being inspired xx

  4. Gorgeous! I love that cardigan so much, I would wear it a ton if I could find one! It’s from the Cardigan Store right? *googles*

  5. I love this look! The polka dotted tights are precious as is the pairing of this cardigan with the tutu skirt! You never seize to amaze me with your talent of putting together outfits. That’s why I keep coming back for more!

  6. You are on fire with outfits at the moment-this would have to rival my previous fave of the tea towel skirt and VM jacket.
    This is so pretty and girly but not too girly.

  7. Hello – I just discovered your blog through Library Girl’s blog and am glad I popped by. This outfit is stunning. I actually just got a pair of polka dot tights today and wasn’t sure what to wear them with (I just knew I needed them), but now I might just take inspiration from your outfit. The tutu is to die for.


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