Back to Black

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Skirt: Charlie Brown

Stockings: Voodoo

Shoes: All Black


After the colour explosion of the last few posts I thought I’d celebrate the first day of autumn with an all (well, mostly) black outfit.

Loving this tutu skirt, and it was the perfect outfit for seeing “Black Swan” with my lovely friend Kate.

I’m loving my new polkadot stockings too! They’re from the hosiery brand “Voodoo” though I think they’re a DJ’s exclusive. I bought them on a hopeful whim yesterday, and was delighted when they fit.  I put my thumb through them on first wear and am thinking I might have to buy a second pair, but the hole’s high enough that it doesn’t show under this skirt and a dab of nail varnish stopped the run. If you decide to get a pair for yourself though easy does it; they’re more delicate than they seem.

Takes Tutu Tango

Top: Jeans West

Skirt: Charlie Brown

Shoes: All Black


I’ve been obsessed with finding a tutu skirt for a Very Long Time after falling in love with the skirts from Ouma on Etsy.

I had a bit of a stab at making one for myself, but it wasn’t entirely successful, so when I spotted the Charlie Brown tulle skirts that I’d been trying – and failing – to track down months previously I caught my breath.

I let it out again in a whoop when I discovered the trifecta of Happy Shopping: 1 – Finding the item you’d been searching fruitlessly for; 2 – In your size; 3 – On the sale racks.

It was down to nearly a third of it’s original price, so the hardest decision I had to make was: do I want it in the pink or the black?

In the interest of versatility – and on the advice of my wonderful readers, who voted overwhelmingly on Twitter – I decided to go for the black, and I wore it out today with a striped tee (the better to emulate the “Striped French Pierrot” dress from Ouma).

Verdict? I love it. I was a bit worried it’d all be a bit too much, and I’d feel self conscious, but honestly it just felt great and all the feedback I got was positive.

And surprisingly, it actually it quite versatile. As I was putting it away in my wardrobe I was thinking about how else I might wear it: belted, with a crisp white skirt. Teamed with a black singlet top. With a pretty pale-pink cardigan (like the one I saw at Forever New over the weekend. It had hearts on it. HEARTS.) With my black and white pussy-bow blouse

What do you think? How would you wear this tulle skirt?