Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou FrouDress: Hell Bunny via Lady Eleanor

Shoes: TUK

Belt: DIY

I’m not sure I can properly express how happy I am that deep berry red and burgundy is finally back in style and in the shops again. It’s such a delicious colour, and perfect for the cooler weather that’s finally starting to hit.

As I’ve been window shopping I’ve mostly been managing to avoid Buying All The Things, but I couldn’t resist this dress.

I spotted it at the A+ Market a month ago at a stall named Lady Eleanor. I was on a self-imposed buying ban – after all, I was there to clean out my closet, not add to it – but Lady Eleanor was right next door, and one of the girls manning the stand was wearing the dress, and it’s such a gorgeous colour, and then suddenly they only had one left, and it was in my size, and… well, as you see.

It’s a Hellbunny dress, which is one of those rockabilly brands that go up to a size 4XL. The 40’s styling works fine in a contemporary setting, though I could have done without the shoulder pads. The dress is made from a fairly thin crepe fabric that has a bit of stretch, but not enough structure to camouflage lumps and bumps, so I wear it with a slip underneath to smooth the lines. The button up front is purely decorative, which helps the bodice encompass The Rack of Doom, and the pleats at the shoulders help ensure the fabric doesn’t pull too dramatically.

The dress is called the Moira, and I think it might be an older style as it doesn’t seem to be on many websites anymore. It’s available in a striking cobalt blue here… but I think the ‘raspberry’ is better for my colouring.

The belt isn’t included, it’s one I actually made myself with a really pretty deco-esque belt buckle (you can find heaps on Etsy, I’m particularly obsessed with this one) and some  velvet elastic ribbon. It’s hands-down the easiest DIY/remix project in the word, and a spectacularly effective way of adding some glam to a simple outfit without sacrifing comfort.

16 thoughts on “Brrrgundy

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you (and damn you, Lili) 😉 for introducing me to Lady Eleanor. Now coveting the Ingrid and the Butterfly Phoebe as well…

  2. That belt idea is genius! I can’t believe it hasn’t occurred to me before. I’m going to have so many belts!

  3. Oh my goodness. You look stunning in that dress. And that colour! Gorgeous and worth breaking the buying ban. Katrina

      1. I am going to ask a really rude question: Is that a few strands of grey I see? The reason I ask is because I am 40 and the greys are popping up with increasing speed. I do have my hair coloured at the salon, but think the upkeep in coming years is going to be too time consuming and expensive. I wonder if I just start to go grey and own it, and pretend I am super hip and cool, rather than just getting old (lol).

        1. LOL, more than a few strands! I’m nearly 38, and I’ve been going grey for a few years. Up til now I’ve just been getting them dyed with a semi-permanent so that it grew out and faded simultaneously, but it’s so hard sticking with the upkeep that I’m going to have a red hot go at just embracing it! One of my other readers, Dikla, inspired me (and hit me up with the following blog:

  4. I was just going to second Maz! Your hair looks fantastic here and it seems like a blink and miss it rate of growth.

    Meanwhile my 2013 much regretted bob will be grown out in …. Oh, maybe 2022.


    1. Ha, I just want it to be long enough to do fun things with again! It’s definitely hit that annoying stage though – too long to look polished, too short to put up.

  5. Oh wow! I’m so glad burgundy and deep reds are back in. Not that it ever stopped me, being the unfashionable lady I am! Your dress is truly spiffy!

    1. I had a few treasured pieces still left in my wardrobe that I pulled out for special occasions, but it has been difficult to find in the shops! So glad I can restock my wardrobe supplies 😉

  6. Velvet elastic ribbon is exactly what I need in my life! Thank you for introducing me to it. I may have bought a belt buckle from Etsy since reading your post…. ?

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