Ruby Red

Frocks & Frou FrouFrocks & Frou FrouFrocks & Frou Frou Frocks & Frou FrouGreatest Love of All Dress – Harlow – (originally reviewed here)

Cardigan: Paper Scissors

Hayden Shoes: Ros Hommerson

So here’s the thing about being happy:

This time last year I was in a fairly rocky place. I’d had a pretty miserable year-and-a-bit, and when I get sad I stop eating.

Today I’m proud to say I’m happy. So happy. My job’s going well, I love my home, my sister’s well, and I’m seeing someone who’s just totally wonderful.

Plus food tastes good again, so hurrah!

The only down-side that I can see is that the waistbands on my winter wardrobe are getting a bit, um, snug.

This gorgeous jersey dress from Melbourne-based brand Harlow is always a winner though. The soft fabric, blouson top and elasticised waist are endlessly comfortable. Harlow only does limited runs of their items, and this “Greatest Love of All” dress is a season or two old, so make sure you snap it up before it’s gone for good. At the moment it’s half price too, so win-win.

 I subbed out the black leather belt that it comes with for a woven brown belt, then added a cardigan in an absolutely delicious berry red.

After one too many recent tumbles my nude pumps were scuffed up beyond repair, so I took advantage of the free international shipping offer at Shoebuy and replaced them with these wide-fit Hayden shoes from Ros Hommerson. They’re lovely and squishy, and the fabric lining means they’re fine for wearing sans-stockings. I liked the loved-heart shaped vamp on the shoes, but I have to admit I’m a little unnerved by how…. nude the nude is. It matches the hue of my legs almost perfectly which gives a slightly disconcerting doll-foot effect!

25 thoughts on “Ruby Red

  1. So good to hear you are happy again. Your smile is just beautiful. And I like your nude pumps, I’m still looking for perfect skin tone matching pumps….

  2. I love this dress on you, Lilli, but I really don’t like the look of the asymmetrical hem shown on Harlow’s page. Did you adjust the hem at all?

      1. Hey guys – nope, no alterations at all. I think it’s just not as pronounced as the product photo…. or it’s that I’ve got more filling it out maybe!

  3. Hi Lili

    Just want to say again how much I love your blog!

    You look super cute in that dress, so much so that I’ve snapped up one of the remaining size 18s.

    Thank you for championing cute clothes for curvy women. You have provided me with so much inspiration. I just love it when a new post pops up!

    xx Madeline

  4. so glad to see you happy again. Have been wondering how you are going since last year. It must be strange to have people who you don’t even know concerned for you.
    I love the dress on you and especially the shoes. I have so very wide feet and terrible trouble getting shoes that fit. Are their extra wide shoes really wide? I might just have to give them a try

    1. Hi Martina – not weird at all! It’s nice, it makes me feel like we’re all part of a community 🙂
      Shoebuy does lots of different brands – some of them I’ve found to be wider than others, but the reviews are usually pretty good so check them out. Happy shopping!

      1. Well I bought a pair of the row hammers shoes but I think I made a mistake in the sizing. Do you usually go down a size in length compared to australian sizes for your shoes from America? These are WAY too long. But the width is great and I still want to get some that fit

  5. Wonderful to hear how happy you are, Lilli! What a difference a year makes indeed.

    The nude shoes are perfection. Must check out Shoebuy.

    1. Hey Jo – you should! They have the best range of wide-fit and comfort shoes, and if you can grab them when it’s free international shipping it’s great!

  6. Like all your readers, delighted to hear that life is delighting you once more! And hurrah for the snugness of contentment! The dress looks really cosy and I LOVE the shade of red of the cardigan

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