Space Cowgirl

Dress: DIY

Shoes: Wittner

Well folks, here it is! I took your suggestions on what I should do with my new Spoonflower fabric, and came to the decision that a dress was the way to go.

I used my well-worn Colette “Macaron” pattern a third time, and I think this has been the most successful of the three dresses I’ve made. It’s a bit shorter than I’d normally wear (due to limited fabric) and I haven’t QUITE nailed the bodice (blame the boobs) but overall I’m pretty happy with the fit.

After quite a bit of deliberation I finally decided to make the contrast shell in a pale blush pink – it’s my new colour crush, and it worked much better than stark white.

The Spoonflower fabric that I used was called “Star Forming Region“, and I bought it in the cotton-silk blend. It’s got a lovely drape to it, and a bit of a sheen too. At $27 a yard it wasn’t cheap, but two yards was plenty to make this dress.

My poor Macaron pattern has been cut and pinned so many times that it’s starting to look a bit limp and well-worn. I’m actually thinking of buying myself the PeonyΒ pattern next, and then I can head back to Spoonflower and spend hours – no, probably days perusing the many options: AΒ Pantone colour chart dress? Indulge my obsession for The Wizard of Oz with a sunny Yellow Brick Road dressΒ (With a red sequin sash,Β OMG)? Bookshelves? Bunting? A gorgeous abstract print?

Decisions, decisions!

69 thoughts on “Space Cowgirl

  1. Love it of course – as it is ridiculously loveable. That Colette Macaron is perfect for you I think too.

    Hmm, I may be about to buy a whole lot of fabric I have no idea how to sew..

  2. Oh it looks perfect! And I think the length is excellent – you’ve got great legs, & this shows them off just right. I can see you wearing this as often as possible. And did you end up with any fabric leftovers? If so, I think a Peter pan collar is definitely in order. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Molly. I would have had a little bit extra, but I messed up the cutting, and cut some of the contrast pieces out of the space fabric instead. Idiot! >:(
      I was actually thinking a space SASH would be cool to wear with other outfits πŸ™‚

  3. I almost forgot – the abstract print is my favorite! You could wear it with the ruby slippers for extra pizazz! I’m seeing either an A line skirt or a sheath dress out of that print – you would look amazing!

  4. I really love that dress from the waist down; the length looks great on you, and I love the shape of the skirt. I agree that you haven’t quite nailed the bust yet, but overall I think it’s super cute!

    1. Thanks Veronica. Too boofy around the shoulders, I thought. Mary Nanna suggested I make the bodice in a smaller size, and make a full bust adjustment next time, so I’m going to try that.

  5. OMG! It looks awesome! I’m in love with that Collette pattern, too bad I can’t sew! lol The fabric is amazing also, and love the pinkish shoulder. πŸ™‚

    1. Have you got a machine, Mari? I’m self-taught, more or less, but I’ve been thinking of taking a proper class to learn. There’s so many learn-to-sew classes available these days πŸ™‚

  6. When I know I use a pattern several times, I draw it on a piece of pvc flooring and use this as a pattern. It’s much firmer than the tissue paper you usually get your patterns on.

  7. Love the dress! A tip from an obsessive sewist – preserve your often used patterns by ironing on cheap interfacing to the pattern pieces as a backing – this gives them more ‘substance’ and helps stop the tissue paper tearing.Alternatively, trace the pattern Onto butchers paper or similar.
    SecOnd tip – to get the perfect fit, practice by makIng a toile using cheap cotton fabric until you get the fit right. Google ‘full bust adjustment’ to fInd out hOw to upsize the bodice (std patterns fit a B cup!)
    (ApolOgies for the random capital letters – my phone is being glitchy)

  8. I love what you have done with the fabric – it is such a cool idea and easily the most funky Macaroon I have seen!

    Collette patterns are designed for a c cup which should help – in terms of fit I have a couple of suggestions to make. I imagine you made the dress top based on your full bust rather than high bust? You would be better to make a smaller size that fits better across your shoulders and is shorter in length and do a full bust alteration rather than make a larger size to fit your bust. The top is just too big for your petite frame.

    Debbie cook does some fantastic FBA (full bust alteration) tutorials on her website.

    You current dress is lovely and with a few tweaks it’l be just superb.

  9. I’m literally obsessed with this dress. I actually need it. Can you make one for me? Just kidding, but seriously. You should sell these or something.

    1. My husband keeps saying the same thing, but I’m a pretty amateur self-taught stitcher! I’d hate for someone to pay money for something I’d sewn (badly!) and be disappointed!

  10. Looks really great! And I agree with other comments – the shorter length works so well on you. Very impressed that you’ve whipped this up πŸ™‚

  11. That is effing fantastic! I couldn’t picture that fabric in that dress when you posted the fabric but wow! I love it. It looks great on you, it’s actually a really good length on you.

  12. I wanted you to make the skirt when u asked as couldnt imagine the dress….but the dress looks gorgeous! Love the color blush with it and the length is perfect-but def think you could go for a skirt too!!! And I love the bunting material!
    I want some cushions in this material-that would be super!

  13. It looks great! I’m a bit wary of anything knee or above with bare legs myself, even if it does look modest to most other people-it’s just a comfort thing and it always feels shorter at the back, like my arse will be hanging out if I move!

  14. I was so depressed when I found out that this was one of a kind. I’m pretty sure you accidentally channeled my personality perfecty into one article of clothing. I will be on a search for a dress exactly like it from now on. πŸ™‚

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